Monday, September 12, 2011

some scenes from the weekend

breakfast on weight watchers
{a weight watchers breakfast}

september nature table
{september nature table freshen-up}

he brings me zinnias
{zinnias--rainer loves to cut them and bring them in from the garden}

fondue party!


beeswax for lip balm
{grating beeswax}

beeswax lipbalms

sunday dinner
{sunday dinner}

It was Faith's last weekend here. Her dad is driving her up to Santa Cruz tomorrow, and Jacob is heading up there pretty soon as well. We had a little "fondue send off" party for them. Faith and I also had an "off to college" mani-pedi on Saturday, which is something we never do. It was really fun.

The boys and I also made the lip balm from issue 1 of Action Pack. We are still having fun working our way through that issue. We ended up with way more lip balm than I had intended, but I reminded myself that the boys really had fun and what's the harm in having too much lip balm? We had a little chunk of beeswax onhand and we didn't have to buy anything new for it, so it was just a fun project. Today I saw Rainer go to the fridge to get some lipbalm and I thought that was very cute.

I loved this Weight Watchers breakfast I got from the booklet they give you when you join: whole grain flakes (I like Heritage flakes), milk, some nuts, one apple and one banana, diced, and a sprinkling of cinnamon over all. Delicious! I'd love to hear your favorite Weight Watchers tips and tricks if you have any.


estrellazul said...

Thank you for the inspiration !!!

Chris said...

homemade lip balm sounds like a fun project for my boys, too! I will take another look at the action packs.
my mom did weight watchers when i was a young teen - so most of my cooking (sauteeing with little oil, fresh veggies, etc.) was inspired by her change in diet. i heard that ww has changed - is it still points-based? simple real food recipes seem a good way to go.

The Wool Fairy said...

I love the warmth and simplicity of your dining table. I like the carrots sticks and fruit plate - so simple and pretty.

Where did you get that tree fabric for the runner. I really like it.

Jars of Giggles said...

How many points was the breakfast??

Sarah said...

my ma does weight watchers, she's also added using the online program sparks people because she finds it is more accurate for her workouts. Also she said, if you find one thing you can't live without make it work into your routine and cut out something else consistently that isn't as exciting to you. for example my mom cut out any bread item from her foods, but kept her lattes.

Heather said...

What is the drink next to your fruit? It looks yummy. I am starting Weight Watchers on Friday. Are you on Pinterest yet? I searched Weight watchers and came up with this:

Mary Beth said...

Chris--yes, there have been some changes since the last time I did it 4 years ago. Fruit is "zero points" now and there is an emphasis on more healthy foods. It's still points based, but the formula has changed. The little slide-rules they used to give out no longer work.

The Wool Fairy--thank you! The tree fabric is from Ikea.

Jar of Giggles--the cereal dish was 7.

Heather--it's just coffee with milk. I whip the milk with a little milk frother to make it "creamier." I'm trying to wean myself from whole milk in my coffee, to 2%, to 1%.

Melissa said...

That cereal looks/sounds pretty darn awesome. It must have been in the weekly the week before I started back. I couldn't find it in mine from last week. Sounds so much better than my yogurt and fruit I've done all week.

Mary Beth said...

Melissa--yeah, it's really filling and hearty. The fruit really bulks it up. It wasn't in the weekly--it was in the pull-out section of the "getting started" book that they give you on the first day that you join.