Monday, September 5, 2011

scenes from the weekend

we had a yard sale on saturday
{classics, for sale at our yard sale}

cooling off at the yard sale
{cooling off at the yard sale}

origami boats
{sunday craft, from action pack}

dipping an origami boat in wax
{dipping an origami boat in wax}

late summer bonfire
{late summer bonfire}

labor day picnic
{labor day picnic}

origami boat dipped in wax
{wax dipped origami boat setting sale}

out in nature (on labor day)
{i love the waxy boats just as much as the boys}

playing in nature
{boys in nature}

We had a fast and busy Labor Day weekend, but it was good. Saturday we had a big yard sale, and I was thrilled to sale a few bulky furniture pieces and a lot of little things besides. We are in the process of moving both teens out and away to college and reclaiming their rooms for other--much needed--purposes. The yard sale was hot but fun, and it's always nice to see your old things going to a new family that is glad to have them. (We sold a lot of books too, which, sadly, we were unable to keep due to lack of storage space. Someday we hope to have more bookcases and to never get rid of loved books again).

Other fun things from the weekend: making origami boats, dipped in wax, from Action Pack (super fun!), having friends over for dinner Sunday night and enjoying a big bonfire, having a picnic from the leftovers on Monday, and sailing our little boats out in nature.

And now it is back to school for real, and the long haul to Veteran's day.


Kelly - said...

i try to remember that its still really summer and squeeze in those waterplay days when i can :) looks like you had fun!

Kristin said...

Looks like fun! That's some bonfire! BTW, I love your dress! I aspire to wear more skirts and dresses :)

saraelise said...

Yard sales are the best. We got sold or gave away almost everything we owned when we moved this summer and it felt great.

It sure looks like your family has had a splendid summer! :)

hanna said...

Looks like a lovely weekend (I love your dress by the way ;)