Saturday, September 10, 2011

a room for dieter and rainer!

a room for the little boys!
{bed and desk}

in the boys' room
{baskets with toys}

a wide open space for playing
{beds, with room for playing in between}

dieter's bed
{dieter's bed}

a room for the little boys!

We are SO excited that Dieter and Rainer have their own room now. Excited and grateful. Both Ben and Faith are off to college this year, but Ben's college started much earlier than Faith's, so we have already been able to convert his room. Hooray! It is such a joy to see these boys sleeping and playing in, and enjoying their own little space. This is not a "designed" children's room, but I thought I'd post it anyway, just to put it out there. We do have a strong notion that we want to leave it uncluttered. Most of their toys are still in the bins in the living room, and that's how we like it. They can bring a bin into their room for quiet play, and then clean it up and put it away at night. Other than that, we don't have any real plans for the room. Curtains are very controversial in this house, so we probably won't be doing that. I would like to hang some artwork and maybe a garland on the wall.

Some notes about the furniture: Ken brought down from northern California the old beds he and his sister used to sleep on in the 50's. The desk is from Pottery Barn Kids purchased on sale several years ago for Faith (she never used it much, but it's perfect for the boys), the bookcase is from Ikea, purchased a few years ago for Ben--again, never used much, the baskets are new from Ikea. The little white dressers are from Target, purchased when the boys were infants. Not great, but they'll do. It is a happy coincidence that they fit perfectly in the closet.


We Blog Artists said...

Kids are great and don't need for much...our girls even though they have their own room...are in each others sleeping together most of the time anyway!
Love the simple things in life!


Jen05 said...

I think this is a perfect room! LOVE the spindle beds, and that much space to play is a true luxury. Good job, mama!

The Wool Fairy said...

I too like to keep my boys' rooms uncluttered with minimal toys. I think the room looks great and I also LOVE, LOVE those beds! They have great character!

Sarah said...

I thought those beds were circa 1950's...they look exactly like Ethan's bed that we "inherited" from my dad, which he had in his room from the 50's. So classy and perfect for little boys ;)
I love the simplicity of it all. We're currently trying to re-organize and de clutter, our biggest problem is figuring out how to get toys out of the house that the boys don't really play with.
Thanks for sharing these pics, it's a big thing when kiddos get a new room!

Pipsqueak said...

Sarah - we bag the toys and put them in the garage. If they're asked for they get them back - otherwise they're moved on to a new home.

Kristin said...

I too have a box in the attic. I seal it up, if the kids don't ask in 6 months it goes out, unopened.

Fiona said...

This is wonderful, Mary Beth. I love that it's not 'designed', my tastes have always veered towards the plain and simple anyway. This is why I love your blog, everything seems achievable. Those immaculately designed spaces just overwhelm me and don't feel like a home, in my opinion. Well done!

Emma said...

The boys' room looks great. Homes are for living in, not looking immaculate - not to say your home doesn't look great, I'm always impressed when you show us photos of it. I hope the boys enjoy their new space x

M. Meyers said...

Weight Watchers! Yay! I follow their plan - for about 7 years now. Lost 25 lbs. and have gained back about 10. I'm always inspired by your desire to eat simply and healthily. Looking forward to your WW experiences.

M. Meyers said...

oops! The WW comment belongs on a later post! Sorry!

Laura said...

I love the boys' new room! It's perfect - simple & sweet. You have such a lovely touch with everything. And I love that their beds have such special history.

Kelly said...

Less is always better in kids room I say :) Looks like that window lets in some gorgeous light...congrats on all of the new beginnings :)

Anonymous said...

"This is not a "designed" children's room"

I love that! Simple is better and easier to ADD details as they grow rather than do "make-overs"! Love it!


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