Wednesday, August 3, 2011

staycation day two

painting wooden beads
{painting wood beads}

playing with the gnomeys
{playing with the gnomeys}

Staycation day two was the root canal day, so I didn't get many photos at all. Rainer and I worked on painting wooden beads and finishing them with a little beeswax polish. This is the kind of project that requires a moderate set-up (gathering all the supplies, protecting the table with the plastic cloth, showing the child what to do) and I wonder why it doesn't hold their attention longer. Maybe it's a boy thing?? Anyway, Dieter didn't want to do it at all and Rainer painted maybe 10 or 12 beads, even though I was painting right there along side him. Oh well! We'll use these to string bracelets.

Other staycation events: going to Target to buy new undies (my boys LOVE undies) and some swimming goggles since we finally belong to a pool now (hooray!). Lunch at Sharky's. I'm glad I ate a big lunch, because who knows when I'll be able to chew again, after that root canal. Very sore now (but no more sensitivity to hot and cold, so that is an improvement). I guess I can exist on coffee and yogurt for awhile (I've been wanting to try making yogurt again . . .)

Today we are going for a swim and later to see Winnie the Pooh and have dinner at Soup Plantation (a favorite of mine and Faithy's).

The trailer for Winnie the Pooh is very sweet.


Sarah said...

i hope your boys enjoyed winnie the was isaac's first movie date on his own with us and he got so scared of the backson, but now talks endlessly about the movie saying it was the "best thing EVER!" So, all turned out well. I'd love to hear your favorite way to make yogurt...i've tried a bit with poor luck and would love to figure out a way to do it with soy rather than cow milk. take care and get well soon :)

Mary Beth said...

Hi Sarah. It wasn't too scary for us--our boys watch sort of a lot of movies (twice a week usually) so kind of knew what to expect. Rainer sat on my lap for the one scary part.

About the yogurt, I made it last summer using the tutorial on Soulemama's site--only adding some dried milk powder (as mentioned in River Cottage Family Cookbook) to encourage it to be a little thicker. At the time the boys would not eat plain yogurt, but I'd like to try it again because they are more used to that now.

Laura said...

Hope you're feeling better each day after your root canal.

Your staycation days look lovely - enough activity to keep the little ones interested, but enough downtime to enjoy just being together.