Friday, July 1, 2011

nature table freshen-up--first of july

nature table freshen up--first of july

nature table freshen up--first of july

nature table freshen up--first of july

nature table freshen up--first of july

The nature table was badly in need of a freshen-up. Again! Amazing how that happens. Fortunately, today's turn of the calendar got me moving. I wanted to strip it down to a pretty bare state. Of course, before long the boys start bringing in little bits of nature here and there and it gets all loose and wild again (it's already started since I took these photos this afternoon).

Ken and the little boys are getting into rock tumbling. They love to go to the desert to hunt for rocks and minerals and such, and both for my birthday and for mother's day I received some of their tumbled finds. I've been displaying them in a bowl, but for a change of pace and to highlight them a bit more, I decided to place a few on a little divided plate. I like it (there's a little piece of tumbled glass in there too--love!).

Happy July to you!


Amy said...

Pretty. May I ask what kind of rock tumbler the boys have? My husband must of had a bad one as a kid. When I've mentioned it he didn't they worked well. I'd love to try that with my girls. Thanks! Amy

Mary Beth said...

Amy--I will have to ask Ken. He did mention that he got a pretty nice one. I think they make them at all levels of quality, including cheap ones that are marketed to kids as toys. He does spend a fair amount of time changing out the "grit", so there's that, too. I'll get back to you!

Chris said...

I just love the trunk vase. and i am sure my boys would love a rock tumbler. what a good idea! we have a family friend in france who always decorates a table with beautiful flowers and fruit of the season and little nature items she found. it isn't a nature table, per se, but simply bringing the beauty of nature inside. i love this idea.

jen at said...

beautiful, as always. i seriously want to "pin" every photo you post on your blog to my pinterest because they are endlessly inspiring! happy july to you and yours!