Thursday, July 21, 2011

morning, noon, and afternoon

how the day started
This is how the morning started. They were so peaceful and playing side by side. Usually they have trouble getting along for very long, so this was sweet and most welcome. I'm hoping we're going to go into a new phase of them enjoying each other and not fighting.

they threw him a little party at clinic
It was Rainer's clinic day (labs only, this time, no chemo because that is done for good!) and they had a little party for him with cake and pizza. A local hotel donates these cakes to the clinic when the kids are done with chemo.

on the ant hill
And after clinic we took the kids to the zoo. Here is Rainer on the ant hill, sliding down on a piece of cardboard. This is maybe my boys' favorite part of the zoo. I couldn't help think, watching him play and slide, about how amazing and wonderful it is to have him here, healthy and intact, playing like any other kid, and done with meds and procedures. I'm so happy and grateful for that.


Sarah said...

this made me cry, i wish my son were done too...I am so happy for you guys, happy things are going along so well and you've reached this point, so happy that things are freeing up and life is moving along in such a positive isaac had a horrible low, absolutely scary low, I'm just feeling stuck in that moment right now.
I appreciate you sharing these moments with us all. I hope that the summer keeps chugging along with great smooth mornings and lovely trips together.

Mary Beth said...

Hi Sarah. I'll e-mail you, ok? Hang in there.

Andrea said...

Yea, for Rainer and you. What a lot you have been through and I'm so happy you're on the other side.

Sarah said...

If only every parent in the zoo knew what that moment ment to you it would be huge life lesson for them all. Love the cake idea what a great gift for a company to give. BIG HUGS

dutchgirl (Ellen) said...

I am so happy for you and your family! What an amazing milestone, congrats Ranier!

Valérie, from Poetic chronicles said...

This is absolutely wonderful, the type of positive happy news I never get fed up with! So happy for you all, congrats, and special thoughts to Rainer! :)

Woodspritemama said...

Hugs, hugs, hugs, beautiful and glorious moment for your family...xoxo

Celia said...

God, that is the most beautiful post in this wonderful blog ever!!!!
I haven't been around here for a while as my life has been a bit crazy this year!
But wanted to check how Rayner was and this is what I wanted to see! God bless him and all your family!!!
Now enjoy life! You deserve it so much!!!