Wednesday, June 22, 2011

summer solstice tea 2011

solstice tea
{tea things}

It has become a tradition to share my photos of every solstice and equinox tea on the blog, so here we go! We had our tea one day late--the timing just worked out better. We kept it simple with just cucumber sandwiches and cookies, both made by the kids, some fruit, and a plum tea cake (which sadly turned out underbaked--my oven temp seems a bit off lately).
william and katherine
My nephew and niece, William and Katherine, are visiting all the way from Colorado. Aren't they cute?

ben with dieter
More cuteness here: Ben with Dieter.

the family
{the family}
Jacob is home from college for the summer and we love having him!

ice cream truck

The ice cream truck showed up, just as we were about to sit down for tea. We usually don't go in for ice cream truck ice cream, but this was a special occasion!

ice cream truck
{at the ice cream truck}

at the solstice tea
We still had room for the tea items, though.

playing games at the solstice tea
Afterwards, the kids had a blast playing Cranium and Cadoo. It was wonderful how all the ages interacted so beautifully. What are your favorite family board games??


Sarah said...

I love the insight into your little family traditions, they are so real and relaxed looking.
Lately our family loves playing UNO or mexican dominos. Anything but monopoly goes over well :)

Emma said...

I think it's amazing how you can really see you and Ken in your children - Faith looks like you and Dieter looks so like Ken. It's really clear in the big group family photo in this post.

Love your solstice posts!

Joy said...

I <3 the picture of your whole family. So much sweetness! When you posted about the solstice the other day, I thought...where's the tea! :) I love seeing your solstice tea pictures so much. And you have a very adorable niece and nephew!

Carrie said...

Delightful! The kids, so grown up at all their ages, pull on my heart strings.

Rain said...

What a sweet tradition. Our favorite games are-Dutch Blitz, Scrabble, & this one-


muffinmoon said...

We've been talking abuot tennis and hitting tennis bals around as Wimbledon is on here at the moment and are also gearing up to getting our boy into cycle racing with trailer bike rides after supper to get him ready for the Tour de France! I am with you on the ice cream van. They cannot be ignored and must be worshipped.
Lovey to see all your chicks home for a while.