Tuesday, June 28, 2011

summer studio time

studio ledge

summer bag

studio inspiration wire
{camping inspiration and a future project}

in the studio

summer bag (inner pocket)
{inner pocket for phone, pen, and lip balm--"Yes to Carrots"}

summer bag (key pocket)
{inner pocket for keys}

summer bag
{a new summer bag}

summer bag
{photo snapped by Rainer}

I had studio time today, and it was glorious. There is nothing like creative time alone in my studio to make me feel happier, more grounded, and more "coming into myself" (if that makes sense). I've been desperately needing some time like this, and am so so glad that I got it. A huge thank you to Ken for taking the boys today so I could sew and putter in my studio. Yea!

I've been wanting to make a summer bag in a bright print and with pockets for cell phone, keys and pens. Normally I spend so much time rummaging for my keys at the bottom of my bag that Faith estimates that by the end of my life I will have spent an entire day just searching for my keys (and I think she is not far off)! But no more. I've been wanting to try an elastic top pocket down low in the bag for keys, and now finally I have done it. I think this will work well. The pockets for pen and lip balm are a risk--I've ruined bags before with such things, but I will try to be mindful of not leaving pens uncapped or balms in the hot sun.

The pattern is the swing bag from Amy Butler. I've made it before (here, although that bag did not last long, due to the leaking pen I alluded to earlier). This time it sewed up even more easily than the first. It's a great pattern--I love the size and shape--so perfect for toting around all kinds of summer things for beach trips and trips to the swimming hole. The fabrics here (and the pattern) are all from my stash. It feels so good to get a new bag for "free."

I've been doing 30 minute morning walks for almost a week now (that's huge for me, I'm exercise-phobic), and I'm glad about them, but I'm not noticing the benefits (of improved mood or having ideas or being able to think more clearly or enhanced optimism) nearly as much as I do from a day spent creatively in my studio--sewing, working with color and fabrics, puttering, rearranging my inspiration boards. But Ken said he notices a spring in my step when I return from my walks, and I do believe in time spent outdoors, so maybe I will just stick with those walks too . . .


nicole said...

i spy a garland.
don't you just love nikki mclure?
bravo on walking daily!

KathyB said...

Great bag. Well done! Love your inspiration wire. Could I ask where the grocery pattern is from? I've been looking for something just like it. Thanks.

Amy said...

It's perfect. When you mentioned the pen and lip balm concern I thought of oil cloth. I've never sewn with it but it may slow if not eliminate the leaking risk. You inspire me to sew. I've been feeling overwhelmed my simple tasks around the house. It's hard to let go of those and take the time. I just need to do it. Yesterday I ordered a few yards from Birch Fabric, it had little camping seems. I can't wait to see it. Happy Summer!

Angie said...

I love Amy Butler. I made her Birdie Sling a couple months ago and tomorrow I am starting on her Cosmo bag!

Anonymous said...

great bag! I always love pictures of your studio space.

Its_Lily said...

Mary Beth - a great solution to those leaking pens is aerosol hairspray. It works like a charm for removing ink and permanent marker - from fabric and especially from walls. haha I speak from experience on the walls.

Fiona said...

Love your new bag. Yes coming into myself absolutely makes sense. It's exactly what I feel too. sometimes the 'right' thing isn't right for me, you know what I mean? Don't push yourself on the walks unless they're working for you, which they might be, in which case great! I find it hard to exercise too, to get myself geared up and out the door.

Kelly said...

I have a big crush on your new bag! You are inspiring me to really learn how to use the used sewing machine I bought a year and a half ago, but "life" has been keeping me from. Seems like your summer is really getting into a nice, creative, sunny groove. Enjoy!

Susan said...

I love the pictures, the post, and the beautiful things you are creating! And I love that inspiration wire, too! Sweet. Keep up the walking--the benefits will come, and you'll be sooo glad! :-)


pilgrimama said...

Yay for walking! I've been walking fast laps at the track-and it's huge for me too. I would much rather be crafty! Let's keep it up!

Jars of Giggles said...

Love the bag!
Keep up the walking! Good for you!
Would love to know where you got the shopping bag pattern....

Anonymous said...

I think Rainer has his mama's eye for photography! I love the bag. I enjoy seeing all your sewing projects. You inspired me to make a patchy table runner over the holidays. Yes, "free" things are the best!


Mary Beth said...

Thanks so much for the exercise encouragement and nice comments, everyone.

Nicole--yes! Thank you so much; it's so cute in the studio

The grocery bag pattern is a pdf I purchased from Magpie Patterns. Here's the link:

I'll let you know when I make it.