Monday, June 13, 2011

lemon ice cubes

lemon ice cube

lemon ice cube

I've finally gotten around to trying this: frozen lemon juice ice cubes. Every year we have more lemons on the tree than we can use. Sometimes Ken gives away a bunch at his school, but I've also wanted to try squeezing them into juice and freezing it into cubes. I love one dropped into a glass of ice water or iced tea or an Arnold Palmer. Lemony goodness! Now only if some warm weather would follow!


jen @ said...

awesome idea! i adore your blog!

pilgrimama said...

hmmnn,that is an interesting idea, says this fan of water with a slice of lemon.

I like your pottery vase!

Jonah Lisa said...

Awesome idea Mary Beth! Doin it today. We've also been buying Simple Lemonade from the store and I toss in a small handful of frozen raspberries to each glass. A pretty, cold, treat at the bottom of every glass!