Thursday, June 23, 2011

a happy birthday

Today was my birthday. For the last few summers, my birthday has fallen on one of Rainer's "clinic" days, and this year was no exception. This is his last chemo infusion into his central line--next month when he has his clinic visit he'll be officially off chemo and they'll have a little party for him with cake.

After clinic, we stopped at Crushcakes for lunch and a birthday cupcake. I chose coconut.

at the art museum in santa barbara
For my birthday, I wanted to go to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art; we even became members! The boys did great. Ken is a natural teacher and knew how to draw them in. I truly loved looking at all the beautiful works of art--so thrilling. The museum has a wonderful "Van Gogh to Munch" exhibit going on right now that was wonderful! (I couldn't take pictures in that gallery however. The above is from the "Drawn to Modernism" exhibit). I didn't get to linger as long as I would have liked (since the boys were getting antsy), but I'm hoping to go back next month when Carrie is here.

santa barbara
After the art, we stepped outside onto State Street in all its beauty. We loved watching the turtles in this fountain. It's so entertaining watching them compete for space on the sunniest rocks.

bronze scuptures in santa barbara
The boys also love all the bronze statues of people along this street. They are so realistic.

lavendar lemonade
In the evening there was pizza at a local restaurant and lavendar lemonade.

local pizza
{local pizza}

me and faith on my birthday
{me and Faith}

Thanks to all my sweet family for making my day special. I loved it!


(lia) said...

Last time I was in Santa Barbara I mentioned to a man near me that I found that particular statue really creepy. It looks to me like a strange man trying to tempt a little girl with candy. He said it said WAY more about me than it said about the artist. LOL Glad the boys enjoyed it instead being creeped out!

Sarah said...

A very happy birthday to you. What a lovely day you had.

Sarah said...

A very happy birthday to you. What a lovely day you had.

Rain said...

Happy Birthday!! That coconut cupcake looks delicious.

Jane said...

Happy Birthday!

julie said...

Happy birthday! What a lovely day and you sure deserve it :)

Sara said...

Happiest Birthday Wishes to you, Marybeth!!!! It looks like you had a splendid day. I hope your year ahead is filled with love and happiness. xoxox

Laura said...

What a lovely day for your birthday! Those cupcakes look absolutely yummy!
Wishing you love & happiness in the year ahead.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Maiz Connolly said...

Happy belated birthday, Mary Beth! It's so fun to see where you go in Santa Barbara. Can you believe I've still never been to Crushcakes? I'll try to get there next time I'm in town!

Heather said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Oh those cupcakes remind me of ones I use to make before the boys had to go GF (they are found in Barefoot Contessa's first cookbook. What a great choice. Hope you had a wonderful day, and a blessed year ahead,

Laura said...

You are indeed a BLESSED mama! Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!