Sunday, June 12, 2011

a couple of new favorites from trader joe's

cobb salad

salad inspiration

Okay, so we've tried and liked a couple of new items from Trader Joe's recently. One is their yummy frozen baked brie. It's the kind of brie encrusted in pastry. So yum! You maybe know about my love of pastry encrusted items if you follow my blog--meat pie items in particular, but this cheese encrusted item is supreme. Sorry I don't have a picture, but it was yummy. We spread it on apple slices and crusty bread.

Also, we discovered frozen chicken strips. Don't judge-- I know we are supposed to be moving away from processed foods, and I would never normally buy chicken strips, but I was inspired to do so by the above recipe in Time for Dinner. You can see from the graphic above that the adults are supposed to have grilled chicken for their portion while the children have the chicken strips. But I'm a busy working mom, so I did just the chicken strips and they were delicious! So there you go. I like them.

One more thing: raw almond butter. I eat this on toast for breakfast with a side of green smoothie when I feel the need to detox. I add a drizzle of honey and it's super yummy. No picture of this either. The raw almond butter looks sort of gray-ish compared with the roasted almond butter, but it's healthier so I don't mind the looks so much.

What are you loving from Trader Joe's recently??

cobb salad


nicole said...

the frozen chocolate covered banana slices.

Anonymous said...

that looks yum.

I can't stop eating the sea salt and turbinado sugar chocolate covered almonds. so amazingly tasty.

Jennifer said...

We don't have a Trader Joe's here...I wish we did!

Anonymous said...

I am right now using the multigrain baking a pancake mix to make pancakes. We will use TJ pancake syrup on them. We love their guacamole too. And their hummas, the three layer kind that has a layer of cilantro as one of the layers. Oh the mixed milk and dark chocolate covered almonds are a staple in the house too. That and the walnut pieces and halves.

Carrie said...

Kansas Trader Joes opening soon!

Meg said...

I just love that Time for Dinner cookbook--especially the section with the random ingredients and they show three different options to make. I don't get over to TJ's very often, but I'll check out those chicken strips.

Joy said...

The salad and fruit looks delicious! We don't have TJs in NC, but I'm in PA right now and enjoying some TJs love. :) Dark chocolate covered edamame in particular.

Anna said...

Bronze die cut rigatoni, Israeli feta (in a square package with green and yellow), French vanilla super premium ice cream, chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, hummus...

Sheila D. said...

dark chocolate (70%) sea salt and CARAMEL bar!
toasted seaweed snacks
frozen organic blueberries (to make a blueberry crisp) --I use angrychicken's crisp recipe.
mac n' cheese (frozen) with sweet potato fries!
organic avocados...they're a good size! :)
I'm sure we could go on!

Maiz Connolly said...

Oh, no! My list is waaay to long to put here!!! Everything is so good, especially for a constant snacker like me.

Pizza dough + organic tomato sauce (canned) + quattro formaggio + sliced tomatoes = awesome pizza.

Sourdough baguette + cream cheese + oven-roasted turkey (nitrite-free) + wild rocket arugula + sliced tomatoes + Genova pesto = delicious family-sized picnic sandwich

Milk chocolate-dipped oat cookies + English breakfast tea = YUM!

Okay, I'll stop now. No, wait! The new pineapple juice in the fridge section is soooo good!

Elaina said...

I'm loving their chili mango popsicles and the frozen mango puree. I eat the puree right out of the bag like a popsicle.