Thursday, June 2, 2011

12 piece summer wardrobe

12 piece summer wardrobe

I am dreaming of a 12 piece summer wardrobe. Care to dream with me?

1. Wedges (inspiration here).
2. Bright pants (inspiration).
3. Woven dress with nipped in waist (inspiration). (Or this.)
4. Bright striped top.
5. Feminine blouse (inspiration here, although Faith tells me this is flat out ugly. I like it).
6. Blouse with button tab sleeves. (Like this one).
7. Bright, high waisted skirt. (Perhaps like this one?) (Or something fuller, like this?)
8. Bright shorts (inspiration).
9. Cropped jeans (inspiration).
10. Statement necklace (inspiration). (Or this one).
11. Thin cardigan (inspiration).
12. And a fabulous bag.

I can't go out and get this stuff all at once, but it's fun to dream! Maybe I can work on this, bit by bit.


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

That "flat out ugly" blouse is gorgeous!

Fun idea. :)

Audra said...

Nice work in coming up with a streamlined list of 12 items that can work together. I applaud your ability to identify specifically what you want to have. I tend to open my closet and throw myself into a tizzy because I want "new clothes" without being able to really figure out what it is that I need.

coco said...

cute drawing

Fiona said...

I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe. Your drawings are so great. The dress you linked to is really pretty. I love feminine clothes and am slowly (very slowly) building up confidence to wear them. Also slightly related, did you see this article on etsy?

Once Upon A Parent said...

What a great idea! I was just thinking something similar this morning when I went to my closet and thought "gosh I just wear the same things over and over." We do get favorite things don't we.

kristen said...

I so loved this post! Your taste is perfect. :)

Laura said...

Love it all!!!!
Went shopping with my daughter yesterday and found some great red capris at H&M....I might go back and get them today. They look just like the 'bright pants' you linked to. I love all the items on your list, including the blouse that Faith didn't care for :)

Have a nice weekend....can't believe we still have rain!

Darci said...

I bought those sandals for this summer and they are to die for comfortable! I got them on sale at Eddie Bauer under $90!

Finding Balance mommy said...

What a fabulous plan!

aly in va said...

how much simplier my life would be.....I think I have too many choices right now (none of which I really love) which is why I'm always feeling in a clothing funk.