Friday, May 20, 2011

this week

may inspiration board in my office
{here is what my office inspiration board looks like for May. It has been a very busy month}

This week I . . .
:: ate at Sharkey's twice (!) with the kids (Sunday and Wednesday)
:: listened to such an interesting podcast about plastics (here)
:: felt quite emotional
:: texted a lot to Carrie, my dear friend who is always there for me (thank you, friend!)
:: bought myself roses at Trader Joe's and cut the stems short to make little arrangements (like this one) because alas the homegrown roses are just about gone
:: ate a Crushcake and watched The Tale of Desperaux with the kids (it was cute)
:: began reading "Little House in the Big Woods" to Dieter. Love!

What were you up to this week??


Heather said...

I love the flowers from Trader Joes too. They're always so pretty. : )

Anonymous said...

How old is Dieter? I loved all of the Little House books and was recently wondering when I could start to share them with my girls.

Mary Beth said...

Hi Audra. He is six. I think it's good to start them early. I think I waited too long with Faith and then she refused the Little House series.