Monday, May 30, 2011

scenes from an unplugged Sunday

unplugged sunday:  gnome village

unplugged sunday:  coloring

unplugged sunday:  breaking out the new coloring books

unplugged sunday:  smoothies

unplugged sunday:  on the school grounds

unplugged sunday:  on the school grounds

unplugged sunday:  baked beans

unplugged sunday:  first barbeque

unplugged sunday:  smore fixings

unplugged sunday:  smores

How we spent our unplugged Sunday: making a gnomey village, breaking out new coloring books, cooking, playing on the school grounds, having a first backyard barbeque (it was cold, though!). Faith joined us for most of it. Hooray! And I'm happy to say that I stayed strong and did not turn on the computer at all nor pick up my phone. Happy Monday to all!


Audra said...

It all looks wonderful! Did you make the gnomes?
I really like the ocean-themed coloring book. My little one is really interested in sea horses right now and that is a really detailed rendering.

Jennifer said...

How were the baked beans? I just tore that recipe out, too!

Beth- the mama bee said...

I was just going to ask the same thing that Jennifer did. I also tore out that beans recipe. How were they?

Mary Beth said...

Ladies--the beans were great! A hard sell to the children, though. They are so picky! I thought they were delicious. Definitely remember to soak overnight, though. I same-day soak wouldn't work for this.

Mary Beth said...

Audra--yes! I made the gnomes as part of their Christmas present.

The coloring books are by Ruth Heller. The boys LOVE the sea creatures one--luckily we have two identical of those.

Amber said...

Ahhhh :) I'm a happy mama!

I just re-discovered your blog. Had missed your beautiful photography & comforting posts but couldn't think of your blog name after I lost all of my RSS feeds.

*delighted to be back :)

Sara said...

It looks like a most perfect day, indeed. :)

aly in va said...

I love it. Sunday is a big sports day for the men in our house, I seriously doubt I could convince my husband to do it. But perhaps it's something I can do for myself and with the little ones and maybe, just maybe he'll be inspired to join us too.