Wednesday, May 25, 2011

crumb cake!

crumb cake

crumb cake

I made a crumb cake over the weekend (oh, how I wish I had a piece right now! But alas, it's gone). I used this recipe from Martha Stewart Living (March 2011). I'd torn the article out of my issue when it was current and I'd been wanting to make it ever since. I decided to go ahead and try it last Saturday, even though I didn't really have an excuse (except to use up some buttermilk in the fridge). It's yum! I halved the recipe and used a smaller rectangle to bake it in. I loved the optional jam layer and broke open some yummy jam I'd been saving that Erin sent me last summer when we did a jam exchange. Highly recommended! This is my new favorite crumb cake recipe.

Unrelated: we watched My Neighbor Totoro tonight. So cute/weird! It's a favorite movie of Faith's from childhood. We still have her old VHS copy of it. We were so glad that the boys liked it too. Favorite parts:
  • when the girls eat fresh cucumbers from the garden and just bite into them whole
  • the cat-bus
  • when the girls grab onto Totoro by the chest fur and float away with him
  • the theme song at the end
Good times. Anyone else out there a Totoro fan?


Gabi said...

Yes, yes, right here, a Totoro fan! And I love this scene, too, when the girl eat the fresh cucumbers, vegetables directly from the fields, pure bliss. The best feel-good-movie ever! :-)
(Still thinking about a Totoro-Bento-Box, to make me smile at work!)
Greetings from Germany, Gabi

Anonymous said...

yum, that looks so good.

garciagirl82 said...

We love Totoro! Well, pretty much every movie that Hayao Miyazaki has made :) Have you seen Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo or Spirited away? My kids love those too.

Andrea said...

Ooh, that looks yum! I wish I had a piece right now too. And we love Totoro at our house too (but haven't watched it in a long time...we'll need to dig it out!)

Roberta said...

We love Tottoro so much at our house! My daughter just had a Totoro birthday party. I had to explain Totoro to about half the guests, and failed miserably! Glad you family enjoyed it, too.

Carrie said...

We are so Tutoro fans! And crumb cake fans!

Anonymous said...

We are Totoro fans since my 15yr old girl saw it 10 yrs ago in an arts theatre in France. Thanks for reminding me as it is time for her 6 yr old brother to become a fan as well!
Jennifer in France

Becky said...

We love totoro here too! infact we watched the dvd just yesterday :-)

Anonymous said...

Totoro is big at our house! Our favorite part is when the girls are sleeping outside and make the trees grow. Did anyone notice him in Toy Story 3? And like someone else commented, anything Hayao Miyazaki does is great!
Allysa in NC