Thursday, May 19, 2011

coffee cozy

coffee cozy

cozy in action

I was so happy when I had time on Saturday afternoon to make a little coffee cozy --something I'd been thinking about for ages.

I've had this little Ikea french press for a year or so, but only recently started using it more often. I've been wanting a cozy, to help keep the coffee hot, but it's one of those things I was overthinking and just not getting around to. When I finally did get around to it I found it was easy and fun. I skimmed the tutorial on Tiny Happy but had to modify mine a bit because of the handle. Now that I've made a quick one and figured out how I want to do it, I'd love to make another, more in the patchwork style that Melissa used. As always, I love a quick and satisfying project!


Anonymous said...

This is on the IKEA France site;
Perhaps the models are different in US. Thanks for your chic and practical idea!
Jennifer in France

amy said...

Oh, I was going to comment about the recall, too. If this is the same model I had, it does break - my husband and his seven-stitched hand can testify. Which is too bad, since it's a great price and just the right amount of coffee in the morning.

Fiona said...

Loevly sewing, as always. Have to ask about your trivet/tile. It's quite beautiful. Where did you get it?
Have a good weekend :)

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for the info about the recall. Mine is different than the one in the picture. (Plus, it's a year or two old).

Fiona--it's a gift from a dear friend. She got it at Anthropologie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Beth,
I bought a thermos to transfer my steaming hot coffee to from my french press to keep it hot. Your cozy is adorable!