Saturday, May 28, 2011

another table runner

new table runner

new table runner

I made another table runner today. I so enjoyed working with this fabric--I love it even more made up into a table runner than as just a piece of yardage. Not that a table runner hemmed along the edges is so different from yardage, but there is something so satisfying in working with a heavy fabric and making nice deep hems. Truly a simple pleasure. I have one more length of fabric from my last trip to Ikea. Not sure if it will become a table runner soon, or in the fall, or if it might become a bag.

I LOVE a three-day weekend. Tomorrow we are starting Unplugged Sundays, inspired by Heather and her writing about this topic. I just decided it today and we start tomorrow. Of course, this is mostly for me. I doubt the teens will be participating, Ken lives a mostly unplugged life anyway, and the little boys don't "plug-in" much. This will give me a much needed break from screen time and will be good modeling for the boys. I may do a Sunday night post after the boys are in bed, but no computer use or texting or checking e-mail on my phone or watching a video or anything like that during the day. Music and taking pictures is okay. How about you? Do you do an "unplugged" day or afternoon in the week?


MadameRenard said...

I love the fabric :)

Sarah said...

I am thinking about Heather's unplugged. We insist that tue children 12 & 15) remain unplugged mon -fri and loosen things up on the weekend so, while Heather's idea sounds marvelous, I think my girls might be upset if we instituted anything official. Must be sneaky instead.

Heather said...

I love how simple you made this runner, and I think that I might follow suit and make one for the upcoming summer table.
I love the idea of an unplugged day. I try so hard to keep us as unplugged as possible, but the idea of a full day sounds incredible.

Kaylovesvintage said...

so pretty,looks great

catie said...

i l♥ve your new table runner!
i am inspired to make one now.

my son's school has a program called "unplugged & active weekend". you choose the weekend {a weekend is sat & sun, allowing for friday movie night}. no screen time for those two days, then turn in a little form signed by a parent. the principal chooses several winners each month - my son has won a soccer ball & a boise state t-shirt.

his school has been so good about promoting less screen time for kids & more outside time. they even had a screen-free week challenge with a special lunch for those who participated.

we also eliminated our cable service, so we have no tv, just movies from the library or redbox or our collection. i do not miss it one bit : )