Tuesday, April 5, 2011

walk inspiration

on my downtown walk
{library used bookshop}

on my downtown walk
{local fliers}

on my downtown walk
{"honor system" shelf outside the library}

on my downtown walk

on my downtown walk
{flatbread ice cream sign}

on my downtown walk

It's spring and the evenings are long again. Time to start the family after-dinner walks. I have to motivate myself, so I found these photos from my walk last week. Here is what holds me back from the evening walks: school nights are so busy anyway and this is just one more thing to fit it, the boys insist on walking barefoot, and I'm a natural couch potato. On the other hand, the exercise and family time are so nice, and it's refreshing to get outdoors. Last night was a lovely evening. So tonight, we start the family walks. Hooray!


Joy said...

It looks like a lovely area to walk. :)

Sarah said...

yeah! My family always walked after dinner and it still holds some of my fondest childhood memories amidst weeping willows and kids zooming by on their bikes. Fun times!

Andrea said...

Evenings are hard--total survival mode around here! But I think an ice cream parlor would motivate me (and definitely my boys) to get out (not sure what it would do for the fitness aspect...). Is it really warm enough for bare feet there????

sadie said...

just found your blog and look forward to sharing in some walking and photo-taking this spring!