Sunday, April 17, 2011

things to do in spring

desert yellows

desert yellows

a growing stack of yellows

yellows for a quilt

It really felt like spring today--so warm, sunny and lovely. My spring break was full of visiting and traveling, so I'm just now having a moment to contemplate my spring 'to do' list.

:: I want to make a quilt (actually a comforter cover) inspired by the color yellow. The flowers above are desert flowers that Ken photographed when he was in the desert with the boys a couple weekends ago. But Faith and I also saw tons of yellow flowers on the hills of the central coast on our drive yesterday. So pretty! I still haven't figured out how to fit back any sewing time into my life, but maybe I could at least start cutting a few blocks for this quilt?

:: and I still very much want to make a wrap skirt. I have a pattern and fabric. Maybe Friday when I have a day off?

:: I've fallen away from my Flylady routines. I want to figure out how to work that back into my life as well, but modified for my particular lifestyle and time constraints. I need to remember Flylady's basic messages--I should probably go back to the book and start from the beginning.

:: I'm still wanting to structure some sort of post-vegan eating plan for myself. I learned a lot on the program and I don't want to just lose it. I'm thinking about some sort of 'vegan til six' plan or 'healthy til always' or 'healthy til every other Sunday' approach.

:: somehow I want to tone up and lose a bit more weight. It seems terribly unlikely, but maybe I can fit in a little walking and trampoline jumping? I'm very good at starting things but lacking in the follow-through.

:: start saving. The home equity line is gone! So happy about that. Ken and I have been discussing savings goals. So much funner than paying off debt!

:: we are excited for Easter next weekend and looking forward to dying eggs and having an egg hunt at my parents' home.

What are you looking forward to in spring?


Joy said...

I love that you always list your goals here. So inspiring! I love the yellow fabrics. If the second fabric down in your stack is a thrifted sheet, I have a matching one. :) Good luck with your saving, healthy eating, cleaning routines. It's always a work in progress, it seems!

Rain said...

I love all your yellow fabrics.
It's so good to re-visit goals.
My spring plans include-
expanding our garden.
learning more about herbs & preparing my own salves/remedies (I just made elderberry syrup for the first time it was so easy and sooo much cheaper than buying it).
finally finishing my picnic blanket(a. soule)
de-cluttering(a continual project).
start walking regularly again.

We Blog Artists said...

Looking forward to when the skies stop showering us with pretty white stuff...and flowers blooming and trees blossoming...

lovely post!
Can't wait to see your comforter!

Kimberly said...

Hi Mary Beth! I'm new to your blog (found via....oh crap I can't remember now) and spent a ridiculous amount of time finding my way around it last night. Such a lovely space, delicious recipes and fun projects.

Denise C. said...

Congrats on paying off the home equity line! YAY! Spring to me is running in shorts and a teeshirt- YAY! Watching my hydrangea begin to bloom. Working in the flower "garden" up front (I live in a townhouse, so it's a patch of dirt), that my neighbor let me work with.

Enjoy your week!

Carrie said...

Love that trampoline despite my less than graceful entry through the netting! THAT would have been a good blog photo. But really, I think you should take advantage of it. What a workout.