Tuesday, April 19, 2011

recipe review: chicken and broccoli

dinner monday night

I had some nice organic chicken breasts which had been in the freezer for quite awhile--since before the vegan program--so I really wanted to use them. I was feeling quite uninspired for chicken breast ideas though, so I consulted my favorite cooking blog and decided upon this recipe. It turned out yum!

This is a pretty quick recipe, but you do need to cook the rice separately, cook the broccoli separately, and take the time to cut up the raw chicken into little bite sized pieces, so it is not that quick. My other hesitation was that the recipe calls for hoisin sauce. I had to ask myself, do I want to clutter my fridge with a jar of hoisin sauce that I might not even like? In the end, I'm glad I did. This was tasty, pretty easy, and I really enjoyed having a small portion in my lunch the next day. And I love a dish where the vegetable in incorporated right in.

Have you tried any new recipes lately?


Paula / Satch said...

i love her food too, copied this straight into my "to cook file" yum

Deb_in_oz said...

i love DALS recipes and have made this a few times now - while starting the stir fry i steam the broccoli in the microwave to get it softer quickly before adding to the stir fry.

i have been trying to eat a little healthier this past month and discovered lots of great healthy versions of good recipes at Gina's skinny recipes (skinnytaste.com).

Its_Lily said...

Hoisin sauce became a staple in my refrigerator about a year ago. It's so rich and yummy tasting. Thanks for sharing another recipe for me to use it in.

Denise C. said...

I adore Hoisin sauce! I have to chop everything up before cooking, otherwise I can get distracted (espeically by my kids). It makes cooking/clean up so much easier.

Love your small glass tumblers!