Tuesday, April 12, 2011

hello spring break


spring ranunculas

Spring break is fast and furious so far, but we are having so much fun. My spring break always falls differently than everyone else's in the family (we work in different districts), so it's been really neat for me to be able to take the boys to school each morning. I love the whole scene of parents dropping their kids off--so interesting and dynamic. Do you remember I mentioned that one mom at Dieter's birthday party really liked our home and commented on my handmade stuff? Well, I've seen her these last two days and she is super nice and warm.

Carrie is visiting. We had our annual Ikea pilgrimage (we always visit the Covina one because it is so huge and open and airy) and yesterday we had an awesome thrifting day. I bought three dresses--two wrap dresses (my favorite!) and one loose silk dress. I will try to get photos and post soon.

I'm having a hard time getting back to regular posting, but in the meanwhile I'll direct you over to my Pinterest boards. So fun and addictive! You can see what is inspiring me lately. (And if you are on Pinterest too, let me know, and I'll follow you. I need friends over there).

Happy spring!


Rachel said...

I need friends on pinterest too and love your blog...
find me there at



Rachel Peterson

Lisa said...

I just followed up on pinterest! @lharsma

Karen said...

Enjoy your break and your family time! And spring, of course!

Greetings from Germany!


Sarah said...

breaks are so great - can't wait to see what you're up to in your "free" time, enjoy it :)

mayasmom23 said...

I love pinterest! I am on there as Mayasmom25. Oh, and I am already following you.

Laura BB said...

Hi there

I love your blog and the new thrifted dress!

You can find me on Pinterest at laurajbb. It's addictive!