Friday, April 8, 2011

hello april

april inspiration

Oh my goodness--I've been having such a hard time getting up early enough in the mornings to blog. So hard, I tell you. But now it's spring break--hooray!--starting right now--so hopefully I can get back to normal.

I am really looking forward to having a week off from school and visiting with my friend Carrie, visiting from Kansas. Later in the week, Faith and I are going to Santa Cruz to check out her chosen college--UCSC (same as her brother), and visit Jacob too, of course. The whole break is going to be very fast and furious, but lots of fun.

Looking forward in April . . .

:: I must figure out how to fit a little sewing time back into my life. I miss it a lot.
:: transitioning into my post-vegan life (a modified 'vegan til 6' approach?)
:: order Easter basket goodies for the boys
:: dye Easter eggs
:: get fit

It is cold here! I think it only got up to 59 today! And this morning there was frost on the windshield which I had to scrape before leaving for work. How is your spring so far?


Lise said...

Our spring so was warm here today--probably about 59 degrees! :-) (Your comment about the temperature gave me a smile tonight.)

Sarah said...

that's funny because today we were stoked that it hit 59 degrees and finally felt like spring!
I'd love to find some time to sew too...I think I'm waiting for a little inspiration!

Denise C. said...

I am happy spring is here, I'm thrilled knowing summer is coming up- my favorite season! I celebrated my 33rd birthday earlier this month, and felt "accomplished". It's a great feeling!