Sunday, March 27, 2011

vegan update

lunch:  white beans, cucumbers, avocado, toamtoes, and sesame ginger dressing
{a Saturday lunch}

kale with dried cranberries and pieces of baked tofu
{greens with dried cranberries and baked tofu}

peanut broccoli noodles
{broccoli peanut noodles}

baked tofu with fried potatoes
{baked tofu and potatoes}

a typical vegan breakfast
{breakfast: smoothie, almond butter toast, coffee with almond milk}

salad with garbanzo beans
{salad with chickpeas}

sweet potatoes with orange and cilantro glaze
{sweet potatoes with orange and cilantro glaze}

Doesn't all this food look delicious? A few more photos are included in my flickr set. I can't say I'm totally sold on the vegan lifestyle, but scrolling through these pictures makes me see that I've been eating well.

Heather has us do a weekly check-in, so I'll just go through those prompts right here:

energy and vitality :: I've been tired, as I mentioned yesterday, but I don't think it's from being vegan. The time change has been difficult for me, and Rainer has been waking at night, so I think those issues account for the tiredness. When I think about how I have actually felt in my body, it's been good. I feel light and healthy.

cravings :: surprisingly, I don't crave meat or eggs. What I really want is cheese, butter, and milk. Mostly, I don't think it's a physical craving for the actual food. What I want from those items is the comfort. One thing I have realized through all of this is that I am very emotionally attached to my food.

hair, skin, and body shape :: all good. I can't say I've noticed an extreme difference, but I have dropped a few pounds, which is good.

mood and emotions :: during week two I was really struggling. I wanted the comfort of easy take-out food and I wanted to eat what everyone else was eating. I realize a lot my success or lack of it depends on my attitude (which is so true with a lot of things).

most nourishing foods :: those bean and veggie salads I posted above. So yummy, easy, and healthy.

biggest challenge :: adjusting my attitude. Also, making everything from scratch and not being able to get quick take-out.

most fun I had :: having a few hours in the house alone yesterday. I picked up, did a white tornado, talked on the phone with Carrie, and then went on a fun errand-y walk. So refreshing!

i got clear that I really want to :: figure out my future eating. Deal with my emotional attachment to food. Figure out how to keep eating well without being on a structured program.

next week I plan to :: enjoy it. Not whine. Ponder how to go forward with healthy eating intact.

That's it! I have had a few "cheats," like making a batch of guacamole to eat with tortilla chips, having several bites of "Coconut Bliss" (a vegan ice cream), and I have refused to give up our Subway nights, so I just get the veggie patty on wheat (no cheese, no mayo) and just call it "vegan enough" (I don't think those veggie patties are actually vegan, though).

Are you doing the program too? How's it going?


Carrie said...

I love almond butter. I still have never met a tufo that does anything more than "look" good. I am limiting myself to one meat item per day. My weight ballooned up and I am really struggling to get it back off. I am looking forward to my very fresh produce visit.

I do wonder if we can assign emotion to the process of nourishment (both food and friend)? Part of the enjoyment of my visits to California are in sharing the foods we've shared before but also in my exposure to new experiences. And I love my cookbook!

melissa s. said...

Hi Mary Beth!

I'm in Santa Barbara visiting my dad and thought of you! I'm catching up on your blog -- what a scare you guys had but it sounds like Rainer is doing well, so glad. I'll be thinking of you guys when we go to Crushcakes this week!

Take care!

Carol said...

The food looks amazingingly yummy!

Chris said...

I am not vegan, but we do lot of meatless meals, and yours look fantastic! I am definitely going to try some of them.

kera said...

i have been soooo on the fence about signing up for that vegan course. my girls are vegetarian and i cook no meat in our house {my husband only eats meat if he goes out to eat [or sliced meat we keep at home for lunches]}. so this is verrry tempting. the pictures of all your food really is making me lean towards doing it! really really looks soooo good! good luck, you're doing great!! i'm sure that if i do this i too will realize what an emotional eater i am!! oh and we eat several different veggie patties and you just might be suprised to see that there are many without dairy!

Miss G said...

I'd love to know more about that orange and cilantro glaze on the sweet potatoes. We love sweet potatoes over here.

I am with you on missing milk, butter, cheese, etc. I also am realizing so much what emotional connections I have to food. I am beginning to read Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst. It is hard feeling left out at social things when you can't eat stuff. I also agree with you about just wanting food to be easy sometimes and being able to have convenience/take-out foods or whatever.

I also really miss baked goods. I have tried a flaxseed sub for eggs and a baking powder/oil/water sub but baked goods have been pretty sad around here.