Tuesday, March 29, 2011

vegan nut cream!

vegan cookie with vanilla nut cream

I made vegan cookies as hoped for this weekend, and enjoyed one (okay, two) with a nice cup of tea, just as I had hoped to do (I happily accomplished most of my dreamy/practical list, but alas did not get to cut out my skirt, darn it).

The shortbread cookie recipe is from 30 Day Vegan, thus not mine to share, but the vanilla nut cream--so delicious!--is available here. This was really fun to make (with ground cashews, maple syrup, vanilla and a little water--I used my regular blender for the whole thing and it worked fine). This would be good on fruit (as shown in the video I linked) or any shortbread style cookie--vegan or un. Or for frosting.

anthropologie current issue :: vegan cookie

I love this page out of the current Anthropologie catalog, don't you?

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Alicia said...

Yum! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to try the cream on pancakes next week, with maybe some cinnamon & vanilla added to the pancakes. +turkey bacon. Oh man, I want that now!