Monday, March 28, 2011

managing magazine clutter

organizing the magazine clippings

A lot of you mentioned on my post about magazines a little while ago, "no way am I adding back more magazines--the clutter gets way out of hand!" I feel your pain. My little stack grows at a surprising rate too. What to do?

It occurred to me this weekend, that Flylady addresses this as part of the weekly home blessing (white tornado over here). The last 10 minutes of the white tornado are devoted to purging old magazines and catalogs. I admit I hadn't been doing a very good job of this: usually I'd recycle one or two unneeded catalogs and maybe not address the magazines at all.

organizing the magazine clippings

But this week, I had the house blessedly to myself, and I decided to really use those last 10 minutes to slim down my magazine stack, even if just a little. ( You can see my Flylady journal there in the corner with all the items crossed off but the last.) I gathered a couple magazines I wanted to go through and set to work.

organizing the magazine clippings

I got a ton of lovely clippings from the January issue of Sunset. Admittedly, I spent a little longer than the allotted 10 minutes, but the January issue was an exception. Usually there might only be one or two pages I actually want to tear out, or maybe not any.

And what to do with these lovely clippings, you might ask, to avoid creating even more paper clutter?

organizing the magazine clippings

For years I've had this cute accordion file. I bought this when I was pregnant with Jacob, so it is 21 years old. I decided to use it for my inspiring clippings.

organizing the magazine clippings

I've been working on these categories and still need to tweak them a bit, but these are the types of clippings I like to save--decorating, trips, health, inspiring fashion. I have a separate (plain) file folder for the recipes and one for pretty images for inspiration boards. I really like having everything neatly tucked away in here. Periodically, I just look through and recycle any old clippings that don't interest me anymore. I recently took some things out from the 90's that looked so dated! It was interesting to see what I used to save.

organizing the magazine clippings

And here is where the accordion file normally "lives"--on my little bookshelves in the kitchen. Nice and handy.


Miss G said...

I am new to your blog coming over from a link on small notebook. That last photo of your kitchen shelves is lovely. I like that you do flylady. Me too. I look forward to exploring more. I am going to check out the vegan cleanse posts as we are having to eat dairy/egg free right now because of my son's allergies. Kelly

Lia said...

Wonderful tip. I usually just save recipes this way but I like how you have room for many categories. I need to add accordion file to my thrift list.

kera said...

love THIS!! i do not keep a lot of magazines around but i'll keep clippings and those just seem to get lost and then whats the point in me tearing them out. but this accordian style file is such a great idea!! thanks!!

Sarah said...

Mary Beth I love this idea! I love my magizines and at the same time hate the clutter they create. Now if only to find the time to put that all together. I'll let you know in 21 years. HA

Andrea said...

I've eyeballed that accordion file in other pictures you've posted before and wondered where you got it--now I just need a time machine! I have such issues with cutting up/recycling magazines, that they just pile up and pile up...time to let that go, I guess!