Monday, March 21, 2011

happy spring!

a rainy equinox

Yesterday was the vernal equinox, and what a rainy one it was! So rare for us at this time of year. It was really quite cozy.

equinox tea

We had our usual equinox tea to celebrate, and as usual for the spring tea, I had some dietary restrictions. I couldn't eat most of this, but I did include some vegan things as well. Ken made this huge pile of cucumber sandwiches. I wasn't planning on making these this time, but it's a beloved tradition so he ran to the market in the rain to buy white bread and an English cucumber. So sweet.

raw cashew dip

I made this nice veggie tray with raw cashew dip so I would have something to eat. The cashew dip recipe is found here. I also made a vegan chocolate cake (Rainer had fun helping me with that one). Later in the day, we were sitting around folding laundry and watching a Project Runway episode and everyone was snacking on vegan chocolate cake and Dieter said, "I want more vegetarian cake, please." It was so cute and funny because most cake is vegetarian, after all.

at the spring equinox tea

Happy spring to everyone! I am off to work this morning. I have three solid weeks of work, then one week off for spring break. Am so looking forward to that. And today I get to see Jacob! He came down from Santa Cruz late yesterday and is at my parents house now, but I'll get to see him tonight. Hooray! Looking forward to that.


Andrea said...

Yummy--what fun! That is my favorite-ever cake to make...I cut the exact same recipe off the back of a bag of King Arthur flour about 18 years ago and have been making it ever since (I don't even think I've ever tried another chocolate cake recipe, even though I'm not vegan--it's just so fast, easy, moist and delicious!)

Joy said...

Your equinox tea looks lovely, as usual. The cashew dip looks great! If you're interested in trying other vegan dips, here are 2 that I love:

Enjoy your time with Jacob!

We Blog Artists said...

HAPPY Spring! It all looks delicious!
My husband would LOVE that dip!
Have a great week...

Anonymous said...

happy spring! that all looks so good.

catie said...

vegetarian cake ~ my FAVorite!
my little guy calls the mini pizzas he earns through the reading program at school "gluten-free" - nope, just FREE. i don't want to correct him because it makes me smile each time. ♥

palmy said...
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palmy said...

Happy spring to you from Sicily!

Alison said...

I love that wooden sun/star in the window, was it an Etsy find?

pilgrimama said...

Your spread looks yummy!
I have big plans to make my own tahini and make hummus,maybe this week!

Christina said...

About six months ago, I gave up gluten, dairy and soy. So I've learned that vegan recipes are often the way to go. My point? I LOVE that you're doing this Vegan Challenge... because you're giving me great inspiration!

The chocolate cake and the dip from this post were both BIG hits in our house! Thanks!!