Tuesday, March 15, 2011

good morning


lemons in the yard
{some scenes from around the yard}

Thanks so much for all the nice comments and support these last several days. You guys are such a great community. I want to let you know that I am feeling much much better since I finally got to speak with the neurologist yesterday. Rainer is going to have another MRI in a month or two, just to make sure everything is back to normal, and we are hoping that the seizure is a one-time thing. They are telling us that is the most likely scenario and that these one-time seizures are fairly common.

And as far as 30-Day Vegan, goes, I have to say that yesterday was the first day that I felt sort of light and energetic and good in my body. I'm a bit behind the rest of the group--it was day six for me--so I think that is why I lagged behind everyone else. Last night I made the vegan chili recipe from the program and it was excellent. My favorite recipe so far. And Faith and I made green smoothies again. We are loving the addition of cucumber so much!

And here's a fun vegetable-related anecdote: on Sunday morning I was getting a little picnic ready for us to take to Santa Barbara. The boys saw the raw veggies I was cutting up for the picnic--cucumber slices, bell peppers, and carrots--and they both totally got enthusiastic and wanted sliced veggies as a side for their breakfast! It was really cute and it made me realize once again that when the mama healthies up her diet, the whole family goes healthier too.

We have a whole bunch of lemons on the tree right now. I'm hoping to squeeze some and freeze cubes of lemon juice for the summer. Wouldn't that be nice?


Laura said...

beautiful pictures!

cindy said...

I am so thankful that Ranier is doing better and this appears to be a one time thing. Even one time is too many and I can only imagine how horrible this has been.

Would you please share Faith's green smoothie recipe? I need amounts or I will just make a mess of it!


Denise C. said...

I am totally envious of your lemons!

Sarah said...

loving your pictures! What a great fruit to grow!

Anonymous said...

We also have lemons and I squeeze/freeze the juice in an ice cube tray.

Now, when I make my fruit smoothies, I add 2 lemon cubes and it really makes all the flavors 'pop.'

Bec said...

Fingers crossed for a one time seizure! Those lemons look delicious!

CountryGirl said...

your yard must be beautiful with those gorgeous flowers and lemons! I planted cucumber seeds on Saturday in my heated propagator which is on my kitchen window sill and they are about 2-3cm already!!

HOA Mgr Lady said...

The comment about the veggies made me chuckle. Why do parents insist and struggle with their kids to eat their COOKED veggies when kids will grab and consume raw ones so readily. Glad Ranier is doing so much better!

Kate Shepherd said...

Just love the lemons. It's a spring day here in the UK and that means yellow from daffodils and primroses rather than lemons.