Tuesday, February 8, 2011

nature table freshen-up

nature table freshen up

The nature table has been so plain and bare this last month or so. It was much in need of a little freshen up, so I got out the heart shaped rocks and placed some pears on a tray.

That little felted heart makes me smile. My friend Carrie made it for us. She is not an artsy craftsy gal usually, but for a short time she was needle felting, and gave us the heart. So sweet. The heart shaped rocks are collected from the beach (Faith just found one and gave it to me recently. Again, so sweet.) The vintage tray was just passed down to me from my mother. It's was my grandmother's. I love it. It has a riot of colorful vegetables printed on it. So sixties.

nature table freshen up

I was browsing through my blog archives a while back, and I was struck by how bright and colorful the nature table is in summer--a riot of color indeed. And it made me think that we really do have seasons here--as subtle as they may be. We don't really have flowers in bloom in our yard in the winter. Nature is transitioning. And the nature table reflects that.


Holly said...

Love those heart shaped rocks!

Andrea said...

Nice! Lovely rocks and pears! And I love that calendar in the background too...what is it?

Mary Beth said...

Hey, Andrea. It's the Nikki McClure calendar. It's my third year in a row to buy this calendar. I'm addicted.

Dayna said...

The heart rocks are really sweet and the pears look tasty!

kriscard said...

ok, this confirms it - i'm beginning a collection of heart-shaped rocks. :)

& where did your cute calendar come from??

Katie said...

Last year I collected several tiny heart-shaped rocks from
Moonstone Beach mixed them in with round rocks and put them all in a cup. When I took them home to my daughters they poured them out and turned finding the heart-shaped rocks into a game. It was so spontaneous and fun! They shared the best one with their teenage neighbor-sister who also collects heart-shaped rocks.

taimarie said...

.caYour nature table is always such an inspiration. And we are addicted to the Nikki McClure too- I think this might be our seventh year! Love the heart shaped rocks.

taimarie said...

(not sure why there is a .ca on that post...)

Redbeet Mama said...

I liked this a LOT!


I can't wait until I find a heart rock.

Namaste, Nicole

Anonymous said...

I really like your winter table! It may not be as bright as a summer table but I lvoe the clean lines and simplicty of it which seems like a nice way to represent the crispness of winter.

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

I love the simplicity and zen of your nature table!