Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentines day!

our annual trail of hearts

my valentines for the little boys
We had a really simple valentines day: work and school, regular dinner, followed by our annual trail of hearts. The kids were so excited to tell me about their school celebrations and to eat the insane amount of candy they received. I remember when valentines day was just about exchanging little cards and maybe there were some homemade treats at the class celebration. That is how I like it. Now it is like Halloween in February. Sigh.

Favorite memory: Dieter completing all his cards to his classmates late last night. It was a long, arduous haul, but he insisted on making a handmade, Dieter-style card for everyone and doing all the writing himself. I was so proud of him for completing the task. And a special shout out to Ken for staying by Dieter's side and helping him along the way. He has much more patience than I for such things.

Other favorite memory: Rainer walking up to me in the kitchen and plonking down his handmade card to me in the most unceremonious way. Super cute!

Happy heart day to all!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great celebration.
I asked my oldest Hayden, how long you been my valentine? He sighed and said "All day Momma" lol
It was a great day here too.

Happy Valentine's day. :)

Oona Nicholas

Sara said...

Sounds lovely. Happy Valentine's Day

Anonymous said...

cute! it's fun to see it through the children.

Andrea said...

Sweet! Love those recycled calendar cards.

Anonymous said...

We had a great day here--made a heart tree Sunday. I noticed how all the valentine's cards my daughter got contained candy and junk food, and there were tons of goodies at her classroom party. I sometimes feel like schools are training grounds for obesity. It's also hard to fight. Oh well.

Karen said...

so glad to hear this of deiter, MB! i requested that all of my 21 children make handmade valentine's ... and they did! i now have so many great ideas for things they can make their parents next year ...!

Karen said...

i also requested NO CANDY just like that ... all caps. i love montessori!