Thursday, February 10, 2011

getting to my health resolutions

new diet journal
{new diet journal}

I'm finally getting around to forming some health resolutions for the new year. I haven't been able to fit in a daily walk as I had hoped (truly, with my full time job and commute and cooking in the evenings, and with it still getting dark early, I just haven't been able to. At least not yet). But I am making some progress on my healthy eating resolutions, or at least I am starting to see what I want to do.

Last summer when I visited my friend Sylvia in Fresno, we were talking about our weight and she suggested that rather than losing then gaining the same 10 pounds over and over again (which is what I tend to do), that instead I should set my sights on just maintaining my weight. I took her advice to heart. And now I'm a couple pounds above the "upper limit" I set for myself, so right now is when I really need to think about how I want to do maintenance.

I decided I'm going to learn one new skill each week. My first skill is "no snacking." And by "no snacking" I do mean a healthy snack of string cheese and fruit at 10am (because I eat breakfast so early and don't get to take lunch until 1pm--I really feel I need to have that snack). Along with no snacking, I'm conscious of taking reasonable portion sizes (not tiny) and not serving myself second helpings.

Thinking about it, even if I only learn this one skill, it would make a huge difference in my overall health and wellbeing and hopefully weight maintenance over the years. So for that reason, I may just stick to these same goals for next week too, just to really make them stick.

I do very well with a food journal, so that is part of this. I'm writing down everything I eat and trying to make it fit very neatly into "breakfast", "snack", "lunch" and "dinner" categories, with no extraneous munching noted.

For most of us women, maintaining our weight becomes an issue at some point in our lives. I'm motivated to stay healthy for my family and for my own enjoyment of old age eventually. What motivates you?


Beverly said...

I like your journal and I like your approach. AND, I like your rationale. I am motivated by a desire to "be there" for my family and myself, and by a love of mobility.

Alison said...

How about you park your car two or three streets away? Walk home from there ;)

My two favourite things that help me eat healthy are actually eating ;) Eat before making a shopping list. And then go directly to the shops, just grabbing what is on the list.
Maybe you could make that shopping list contain those healthy snacks you need, instead off having to pick something up last-minute. You'd be less tempted to buy something less healthy or to buy too much if you're feeling satisfied already?
Good luck and yay for making an effort!

Little Bird said...

Hmmm. I think that a diet journal is a good idea. I just hit that point in my life where my youthful metabolism pooped out on me, and I have to face the fact that I cannot eat an entire pizza for dinner without consequences. We shall go down the healthy road together! <3

Anonymous said...

I think having a friend who has a similar goal as you helps too. My friend and I would email each other our "to do" list each morning as well as how we did the day before with that "to do" list. It kept us honest and motivated. Mine was more about decluttering than diet, but often included taking a walk. Good luck with your plan! It sounds like it will work since you like to journal.

Anonymous said...

Good for you!! I think having a food journal would really work for me too, I try to keep a journal in my mind but I do relaly need to put it on paper! I have the same motivators as you, for my own health and my families it is so importnant that I stay healthy.

Lucila said...

Hi! Have you heard about intuitive eating? It is a different approach, which is basically going back to basics, to eat when you are hungry, what you want, and stop when you are full, but gives you tool to do this as it is not as easy as it sounds!! One website that I can think of, but there is loads online, so maybe it is worth a look.
by the way, i love your blog!