Thursday, February 24, 2011

from the weekend

at the beach

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures from last weekend--just as it's almost time for this weekend to come around. We had a wintry weekend with rain and colder temps--so dramatic and cozy! Faith snapped this picture at the beach. It wasn't raining that day, but it was cold-ish. Rainer was overheard saying, "c'mon Dieter. Let's go around and have some fun!" Rainer won't go near the water, but he loves jumping on the dunes with his brother.

santa barbara natural history museum

A highlight was visiting Santa Barbara Natural History museum. We've been there before several times, but this time was so cozy with the rain. Do you see how warmly the boys are dressed? I was thrilled because normally they refuse to wear their jackets. I just love seeing a child dressed warmly. The museum was super fun. I was so enchanted with our visit that I bought a membership, so now we can go all year.


I love the huge, amorphous constructions they've been making with Brio Mec. Lately they've been loving to build stuff. Later in the weekend I also bought them some plain Legos, and oh how they have been enjoying those.

at sharkey's

Lunch at Sharkey's on Monday of the long weekend. I'm very enamoured of Sharkey's right now. Everyone was happy and eating well, and they have so many healthy selections.

This weekend it's supposed to rain some more. Am loving this late burst of wintery weather. What are your plans for the weekend?


swonderful said...

your house looks so fun. and i laughed about the jackets, because i always want my kids to look cozy-warm too. our only plan for this weekend is to go to the japanese grocery for a chocolate mario egg. it's a big deal to the kids!

Andrea said...

Lovely...makes me want to take my boys to our local museum--we haven't been there in a long time. This weekend I have some going south shopping (yarn and health food and mexican dinner) with friends plans, otherwise, I hope to spend time cozily reading, knitting, getting the house back in order before school starts up again.

Sara said...

It looks like a most splendid weekend for your family. I love Santa Barbara!

CountryGirl said...

Lovely pictures Mary Beth. Sounds like it was a really nice weekend :)

lisarenata said...

legos are a big hit in our house (really anything that can be used to build!)

Nice to know your having a nice time and enjoying your wintery days.