Sunday, January 23, 2011

new pillows!

new pillows!

On Saturday during my studio time, I made two new pillows for the couch. I started with new pillow forms (they were 50% off, quite coincidentally, when I stopped at Joann on my way home from work Friday). The old Ikea pillows I've recovered in the past are just so bunchy and old now and they constantly leak feathers. I wanted to start fresh.

I had quite fun making the covers for these. Most often, a simple project is the most enjoyable for me. You may be wondering, "what's with all the the white, Mary Beth?" I know! I didn't overthink it. I just wanted to use existing Ikea prints from my stash. The real point of these is that I want to cover them simply and change them out often, as needed. So for now they're white. Later, they'll be bright most likely.

on the back:  green buttons

I love the back of the large pillow. I used green buttons from my gigantic collection of vintage and thrifted buttons.

notes of what I did

I wrote notes for both pillows in my little sewing notebook. When it's time to make new covers I'll be reminded of exactly what I did (and what to change next time).

More studio views:
studio time on Saturday

I worked with the door open. It was quite warm this weekend. It was actually quite lovely, not too hot.

inspiration wrire

inspiration wire

Back to work in the morning. Oh, how I long for another 3 day weekend! Luckily, there are two coming up next month. Hooray!


Andrea said...

Wow--I'm impressed by how efficiently you're cranking through your "must-do" list. I bought fabric for new couch pillows last year, but what I really want is a new couch. And I really wished this was a three-day weekend (wouldn't it be nice to just have one extra day every weekend?)

CountryGirl said...


Nancy said...

Yay for the sewing notebook! I think we exchanged comment / reply about that last summer. Thanks for letting us peek inside it!

your pillows turned out great~

lisarenata said...

Nice to know you had some studio time. It always feels oh so great to get a new project completed. Love the pillows and the colors. They are perfect for the Spring to come. Crisp.

michelle said...

Hi! I would love to make pillow covers. I especially love the ones you made with the word home on it. I'm always impressed by al your creations. I was wondering if you had a tutorial for the pillow covers. If so, is thee any change you can share it? Thanks!

rose said...
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rose said...

take a look at my website and see what i have done with IKEA fabric. everyone loves the kids clothes and mom items that i make out of it! love the pillows that you made!

Heather said...

I love that fabric, and those pillows. SO pretty.

Mary Beth said...

Michelle--the way I do pillow covers is really simple. Maybe I'll try to put together a little tutorial next weekend!