Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a january stack

a january stack

Around the turn of the new year, I had the idea to assemble a stack of books that I want to explore and re-visit in 2011.

I've been a little slow to follow through with it, but finally I made my selections.

These are not my new books I got for Christmas. These are books from my existing collection that I've been meaning to either re-visit or delve into further for inspiration, projects, and recipes. I like having a finite stack that I know I want to be working with for awhile. Having a focus like this helps me so much.

a january stack

Here are my selections--

The Happiness Project--I loved this book so much when I read it a year ago. I was conscious at the time of rushing through it quickly because it was so compelling to me I just couldn't put it down. But there is so much stuff to think about in there, I knew I wanted to re-read it soon and really take it in more. I'm especially interested in revisiting her chapter on "Energy" because that is an area I want to delve into in my own life.

Heaven on Earth--this is my favorite parenting book. The author is so very gentle and reassuring. She promotes simplicity, rhythm, imagination, and observation of the seasons. Even though we are not a Waldorf family in any official kind of way, I'm very drawn to Waldorf and find this guide so helpful in inspiring my parenting.

Earthways--I wanted a "through the year" type project book in my stack. I chose this one because again, the tone is so gentle and comforting, and the projects are very doable and down to earth. I'm remembering just lately how quickly the early childhood years flew by with Jacob and Faith, and so I'm especially wanting to embrace these years with Dieter and Rainer. Doing these little projects with them is a way to enjoy this fleeting time.

Appetite--I've owned this book for a number of years but have only made a few recipes. I love to be inspired by the text and pictures, though, so moved it to the stack. I want to enjoy trying at least one or two more recipes in here and feel like I've really delved into the book, even if just a bit more. The tone is seasonal, practical, down to earth, and with lots of variations.

Feast--I'm a huge Nigella fan, and Feast is one of my favorites. I love the way she considers the word "feast" in all its variations. My favorite chapters? "Kiddie Feast" of course and "Breakfast" and "Kitchen Feast". I just tried the split pea soup from her New Year's chapter and it was wonderful. I've used this book in the past a fair amount but want to delve a little deeper this year, because there's a lot in there that intrigues me.

What new or old books are inspiring you right now?


Sarah said...

I'm reading the Happiness Project right now thanks to your recommendation and am in love with so many ideas and principles in it. I also bought Heaven on Earth after reading about it here, another favorite! Maybe I'll have to check out a few more from your list as it seems we have so many we both enjoy in common!

Barbara said...

I am so inspired by your blog...I read lots at times, and yours is my similar to the things I think about and the way I want to do life. I am having a hard time now not being frustrated about all the seeming obstacles in my life (we call them "sequences" around here...the things that must be done before you can get to the things that can be done to get to how you want it to be) that keep me from peace and enjoyment of my good life and good kids and good home. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration.

Andrea said...

What a neat selection of books...right now I'm trying to read-down the stack on my bedside table so I can move on to something new and fun!

Amanda said...

I loved The Happiness Project and have been meaning to read it again!

kate said...

i love Heaven on Earth, too. and have you read Simplicity Parenting? that is a must.

right now, i'm loving A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg.

love your blog!

christine ~ ourdayourjourney said...

earthways is one of our favorites. enjoy :)

Denise C. said...

I loved The Happiness Project! Other books I am reading (over & over again) are:

1. Better Homes & Gardens cookbook.
2. Sue Grafton Alphabet books (mystery).
3. I just discovered P.J.Parris & Michael Connolley (mystery).