Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy 2011

me--on new year's eve
As is our tradition, we went to Meditation Mount on New Year's Eve to watch the sunset. But alas, it was too cloudy, so no sunset this year. I like that though--a little variation from year to year. Sometimes it's quite mild, other years it's colder (it was in the 40's on this night--so very cool for us), and one year I remember it even rained on New Year's Eve.
2011 promises to be a big, huge year for us with lots of changes. Ben and Faith will both graduate from high school and move on to college in the fall. Neither of them wants to stay close, so our everyday family structure will really feel different after they leave. On the one hand, we will gain some much needed space, as we pack up their rooms to make way for the little boys' first bedroom of their own (in Ben's old room) and an office space for Ken (in Faith's old room). On the other hand, we will miss them so much, and I especially anticipate an empty place in my heart when my girl leaves. Oh my, that will be hard.
Also in 2011, Rainer goes off chemo. 7/9/11 will be his last day of medications and after that there should be no more cancer left in his sweet body. We are super excited to think of him being off chemo once and for all, but I'm also nervous. What if the cancer comes back? I think it's natural to have "what if" thoughts like that. I just have to stay strong and see what comes. His leukemia is considered pretty curable, so hopefully he'll be done with cancer for good!
dieter running
Many big birthdays for my children are coming up: 21, 18, 6, and 5! Can you believe it? Ben and Faith are both turning 18 this year. With children turning 21 and 18, it seems like I should be old. But I don't feel old. I'm just going with the flow.
us--on new year's eve
After tonight, I'm forcing myself to take a one week break from blogging. I really want to get the year off to a good start by getting a bit more rest and reserving my energy for heading back to work. It is my natural inclination to post here often and to keep the blog current, but that will have to wait for now. When I return, I will have tons of birthdays for you, January book stacks, corners of my home, New Year's thoughts and resolutions, and maybe even a completed craft project. See you then!
meditation mount--on new year's eve


Inoureyes said...

So glad to hear that Rainer will be off chemo this year. Hope you stay strong and keep the what ifs at bay.

Sarah said...

Happy New Year to you! Sounds like an exciting year ahead.

Joy said...

Happy new year, Mary Beth! So many wonderful things in store for you in 2011! I'm so excited that Rainer is nearing the end of his treatment. He's grown into such an adorable, strong little boy. It always makes me happy to see his smile here. Enjoy your blogging break!

Hannah said...

Happy new year!
Wow, what a lot of change to anticipate - I hope that the transitions are smooth for you all and that Rainer will be back to full health very soon x

Carrie said...

Happy New Year! I do love that coat. Enjoy your break.

Andrea said...

Looks like quite year ahead for you, full of bittersweet events. Hurrah for being done with chemo and cancer--what a long, rough road that must have been (and I'm sure will continue to be--the what-if's will probably always linger a bit). Congratulations on making it through!

L. E. Cove said...

Happy New Year Mary Beth. I've read your blog for just ages, but tend to be quiet in terms of commenting. A big year ahead, indeed! My eldest will be 22 this year, bless, but my youngest is 8. I don't feel old either :-)

It's natural to wonder and worry a bit over whether the cancer will return. That's a hard thing to carry (I had a brain tumor removed this year, and it's the type that can grow back), my heart goes out to you. But carry itch can and do :-) Blessings to your family this coming year!

Sarah said...

Happy New Year. Sounds like it will be a year of bittersweet celebration. I am not ready for my girl to go off to college.

poetic-chronicles said...

Happy new year! I've been checking your blog for a little while, enjoying the aesthetics and philosophy behind it, yet I didn't know about your little son's health problems. You're a beautiful and brave family, and this end-of-chemo deserves some celebration! Congrats to brave little Rainer especially, and blessings to you all!

Wasabi Honey Bee said...

Hey, I check in here every so often, we both live in the O, and you actually did a post for my mom and my cookbook a while back. Anyway congrats on Rainer, that is very good news and makes this year an especially amazing one.
Best wishes : )

lisarenata said...

Enjoy your week off from blogging. I am proud of you for taking time to slow down and prioritize.

kriscard said...

Hi, Mary Beth - I've been a lurking subscriber to your blog for the past several months, & I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy & am inspired by your home & lifestyle. Thank you so much for sharing it & your beautiful family with the blogosphere. Wishing you the happiest of new years & much rest, joy & peace in 2011!! ~ Kristen

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

You look beautiful! I thought to say that before you made "old" comments. I cannot believe you have children turning 21 and 18. I wish I looked as good now! A dear friend of mine has a daughter (6yr) who just came off chemo in the autumn. She has voiced similar fears. Her blog is
if you are interested when you come back online.
Happiest of New Year's lays ahead for you, I am certain of it.
Warmly, Nicola

Alyssa Spring said...'re quite the busy mama - glad I found your blog. Your attitude about the sunset was sweet...I have a hard time not feeling let down when things aren't exactly how I had them planned - guess you can't change the weather!

a view from a brown dog said...

It does sound like a BIG and exciting year coming your way. Happy to hear your sweet little guy will be done with his chemo. My son will be 21 and my daughter will be graduating high school this year as well. Time sure goes by, funny I don't feel old either :). I have enjoyed your blogging and am looking forward to seeing some of your adventures in 11'.
Happy New Years!

Travelmama said...

I check in here from time to time. I really enjoy your blog. Glad to hear about your son. Sending light and love to him.
Totally bizarre and funny I just blogged about Meditation mountain about a week ago as well!! We go there about once month! Great spot.
I take breaks all the time from blogging. No worries for our sake!! Enjoy life!!

Laura said...

Happy New Year! What a great photo of you and Ken.

Looking forward to following your blog this year!

You always seem so balanced to me. I'm striving to get there!!! :)

Redbeet Mama said...

Happy New Year MaryBeth! Your life is so very interesting - I love your passion for your family and life!