Sunday, January 30, 2011

an easy pillow tutorial

an easy pillow tutorial

For those of you who were asking, I posted a little tutorial on flickr'. It was fun to do. I hope it is clear! Please feel free to ask questions as needed. The instructions are really basic. Probably the best way to learn this sort of thing is just to jump in, expect some trial and error, and remember to "keep it wonky."

To access the tutorial click here, then use the navigation ("next") button on the upper right hand corner above the photo to navigate through the steps.

I love these simple home projects. It's amazing to me how content I feel while sewing in my studio. Time and again I'm stricken by how much happier a thing it is to create rather than consume. That is a key to happiness, I think.

Faith commented a few days ago that she used to feel physically sick when the Pottery Barn Teen catalog would arrive -- she wanted everything and she knew she couldn't have it. I can certainly relate to that feeling as well--in the past. Now we've both found that we are so much happier putting together an original life, with our home sewn and thrifted stuff. It's been such a happy journey to this place.

Step 9

This bird pillow joins the other pillows I made last week. As it turns out, I stopped by Joann again on Friday on my way home from work and the pillow forms were still on their 50% off sale. Hooray! I bought three more, so I still have two to make covers for. Then I will have officially checked off one task on my "must do" list.


CountryGirl said...

I love it when I log in and there's a new blog entry from you, Mary Beth! Your cushions are beautiful x

Mama Mogantosh said...

I saw this title and was intrigued, because I'm a real fly-by-the-pants seamstress and just made some pillows myself. Then I scrolled down to pillow! I made one in that lovely IKEA bird fabric too. My corners aren't as nicely turned, I'm sure, but a bit of morphic resonance. xx

stephanie from texas said...

Thank you Mary Beth! I so needed this inspiration.

Andrea said...

I so agree that handmade and thrifted--unique--is so much better than Pottery Barn!

Daniela said...

I used to be sad when I could not buy all the things I wanted,as you said, but now I am very happy to learn everyday how to create things by my self!! :-)

Running Muma said...

You truly inspire me and I thank you for that!

lisarenata said...

it is so much nicer to make than to consume. I hope, like your girl, that my kids will grow up appreciating just that.

btw- yet again, another lovely fabric. =)

Laura said...

I love your pillows - they are truly beautiful! You are very inspiring - I would really love to learn how to sew so I can create beautiful things for our home.