Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 must-do

inspiration board at work
{inspiration board at work}*

Hello 2011! I feel like I'm catching my breath (20 days in) and finally am ready to start thinking about my goals and direction for the year. Not that I have any new year's resolutions yet (when I do, they will all be aimed at gaining more energy. I think if I have more energy lots of other things will fall into place naturally). But I did start a list over the weekend of "must do" projects for this year. I was inspired when I was looking through my copy of Nigella Bites (to get her basic mashed potato formula) and noticed a recipe in there that I have always wanted to make and have never gotten around to. I immediately decided to make the recipe this year for sure and I was encouraged to make a list of other things I am always meaning to do and constantly put off.

Here's my list so far:

Must Do in 2011 List

:: make "Granny Lawson's Lunch Dish" from Nigella Bites and serve it with a crisp salad
:: find a homemade salad dressing we all like
:: print on fabric (using this book)
:: make new throw pillows for the living room!!! (The old ones need to be replaced badly).
:: mail in the Nikon D-40 for repair one final time (and this time if it breaks again, I just give up. I'll start saving for a Cannon).
:: go camping! (If Ken and the boys agree).

What's on your "must do" list for 2011?

*I decided to keep a little inspiration board on my window in my office at work. It adds so much beauty. I plan to change it out each month.

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nicole said...

love the clipboard inspiration board.

Heids said...

Hi Mary Beth

Good luck with your resolutions...I particularly like the camping one - such good fun!

We have a homemade salad dressing that everyone we make it for just loves - it comes from Jamie Oliver and is as follows:

Honey wholegrain mustard and garlic dressing
1 teaspoon chopped or smashed garlic (garlic mince)
1 tablespoon your favourite honey
1 tablespoon wholegrain mustard (we use honey wholegrain mustard)
2 tablespoons lemon juice
5 tablespoons olive oil

Mix together all the ingredients.

This Recipe Serves 4

Hoosier at Heart said...

My list?
1) plan a trip with my daughter.
2) send more handmade cards instead of emails
3) learn how to sew from a pattern

Also, I made an oriental dressing that was really tasty. You can see it here.

April said...

We love camping, so have fun with that!

Our list?
1) Bring home our daughter
2) go back home for nephews wedding
3) rid our home of so many chemicals
4) finish the year happier than we started it!

Anonymous said...

pretty inspiration board. and what a nice list. I like that idea, to do things we've been putting off.

Chrissie Grace said...

I love your blog.
I love the clipboard, your new comforter, and the pictures of your creative space. It's all so inspiring! :)

CountryGirl said...

I love your clipboard Mary Beth. And I love the way you are so brave and public about what you love to do. I could never have something so 'out there', and I always hide things like lists, and my blog come to think of it. None of my family and friends know about my blog, although they do see my various creations round the house. I think of my blog as a way of showing like minded people what I have done, although I only have 1 follower so I'm not even sure how many people even see that! I suppose it all goes back to having no confidence and feeling like people might laugh at me, or that what I make isn't good enough. Perhaps number 1 on my to do list should be to be braver about showing people what I do/like to do etc?!

aly in va said...

I like the idea of having a board at work (in the classroom). It would provide a little motivation at times when things don't go well (students misbehave, don't do homework, etc.) and a reminder of what my real goals/meaning of life is all about.

Andrea said...

When you figure out how to get more energy, please share! I like the idea of inspiration board at work (work being VERY uninspiring these days). One must-do I've planned for this year is to knit a sweater...and I'm almost done (though I'm afraid it will be too small, so I'll have to add knit another sweater to the list!)

Anonymous said...

Really love the inspiration clipboard. I think I NEED one in my kitchen :)I do have a list of "want to do's" for 2011: make a quilt with my middle daughter; paint my kitchen cupboards red and put on new hardware; have more fun!; only read what I feel like reading this year; take youngest daughter to naturopath; go on a 40th birthday weekend away; only cook meals that 4/5 of us can eat (I don't eat meat and we have various allergies that make this complicated); make homemade lipbalm; make homemade vanilla; continue having regular date nights with my husband.

Nancy said...

an inspiration board is also on my 2011 "must haves!" what a great way to keep those ideas from floating around in your head and never becoming reality.

My 2011 to do's:
*bake our bread when I can
*finish knitting kid hats before January is over
*make an Easter dress for my girl

I don't dare make the list any longer! ;)

Nancy said...

ha, ha--I meant a great way for them to become reality! (I think I need a nap... not that I will get one!)