Monday, December 13, 2010

packaging and decorating

{lip balms, awaiting their wrappings}
{little homemade envelope}
There is so much "packaging up" and embellishing of gifts to be done at this time of year. I have found that I need to be careful to give myself enough time to do these tasks early. If I save it all for the last minute I get cranky--definitely not the right frame of mind to be in when readying a gift for a loved one. I think I've hit the right combination this year--by giving fewer gifts and leaving plenty of time for wrapping, I'm really enjoying the process. Hooray!
On Sunday I had such a fun time making these simple envelopes in which to "wrap" the lip balms. I used Angry Chicken's video tutorial. It's so cute and funny! I highly encourage you to click over there right now and watch it. I adore her type of humor. And I love the idea of these simple envelopes. The possibilities are endless for different types of papers that can be used and ideas for what to put in them. I was really happy to think of these for packaging these balms.

{with name labels}
{almonds with honey and sugar}
I also give nuts at this time of year. So much easier and healthier than cookies and they keep better too. I made up a batch this weekend. The jars with the stars etched on them are from Ikea. All these need is a simple bow.

What's your favorite wrapping tip or trick?


Titut said...

I was smiling and giggling watch your kids doing fun things together. Your blog remind me of what I really want this past 2 years and need to do something about it. Happy holiday Mary Beth and family' Titut

Micaela said...

these would beat ANY store bought gift... oh i love them Mary Beth!

a MAGICAL christmas to your lovely little family xo

coloring in my life said...

such thoughtful gifts! I love your packaging-where did you find those cute rolls of tape to close the envelopes? so pretty!

The Wool Fairy said...

Oh, those lip balms look delicious. I might just have to do some last minute gift making after seeing these.

Just found your blog and am enjoying it. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration (:

Rain said...

Love it. And I love your cheerful rolls of tape!

XO Crisscross Applesauce said...

Love it! where did you get the paper?

higuchi said...

I love coming back to your blog day after day. It makes me feel refreshed and inspired, and it makes me smile. Thank you, and I wish you and your lovely family all the best :::

Janell said...

I love the lip balm idea. Where did you get the cute containers?

I'm doing nuts this year--some kind of sugar/cinnamon pecans--for the kids teachers, etc.

That reminds me ... I have several packages that need mailing!

CountryGirl said...

Beautiful gifts, Mary Beth. I love your sticky tapes, they are so pretty. I bet your friends love receiving gifts from you!

Andrea said...

Very cute. I plan on making some drawstring bags for wrapping this year--note the key word "planning"--I think I'm running out of time!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks so much for the nice feedback, everybody.

:: I got the decorative tapes at Michael's in the Martha Stewart section.
:: the small tins come from Rose Mountain herbs (but I'd love to find a local source for them)
:: the fun papers are from Michael's. They come in little pads near the scrapbooking section.

Val said...

Great idea on the envelopes. You could also try to find the smallest size mason jars for lip balm containers? They may be a bit big but re-useable?