Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the lovely after-christmas lull

We are enjoying the lovely peaceful days after Christmas SO much. As simple as one might try to keep Christmas, there is still so much to do, and so many expectations surrounding the holiday. For that reason, how nice it is just to settle into the days after, when there is nothing to do but play with toys, read our new books, and to putter about the house cleaning up. Which is exactly what we did today. The boys played incredibly well together for much of the day (giving me a little hint of the future, I hope, when they will get along better and be more independent) and I got a lot of work done (both yesterday and today) taking down Christmas, finding room for the new toys, and starting a pre-New Year's tidy up. It feels wonderful to put away the clutter of Christmas and to let the house open up again. As much as I loved our pretty tree and decorations it is incredibly uplifting to de-clutter once again. Looking forward to more of the same for the rest of the week.

Dieter decorated the winter book basket with little birthday icons because we have so many January birthdays here.

Two favorite Christmas memories from this year:
:: the boys dancing dancing dancing to their favorite Christmas music--so cute! That has continued into today. Not quite ready to put away the Christmas CDs yet.
:: the fun time Faith and I had one evening last week. Went for a movie, then dinner at Chipotle, a Trader Joe's run, and a very fun late-night trip to Michael's (did you know they stay open until 11pm during the holidays?). It was quite festive and rainy and wintry.


coloring in my life said...

I'm enjoying the after Christmas lull too, and sleeping in a bit (plus naps :)
Have a great Wednesday!

heather said...

oh your date with faith sounds blissfull. like dates i used to have with my sister when we were younger. we need to do that again. i can't take our tree down yet. that clear the house out bug doesn't get me with the tree. i like it up a long long time. so funny.

heather said...

oh, and i want those flashcards. so pretty for math work....what are they?

wanta is my word verification. wanta wanta the flashcards!

Mary Beth said...

Heather--I got them at Nova Naturals toys. Dieter really caught on quickly and just loved them. I kind of wish I'd gotten both sets--they have one with larger numbers too. I'll probably get those for him at some point.

Diane said...

I have that same plate. Mine belonged to my grandmother until she passed it on to me.