Thursday, December 23, 2010

happy birthday papa!

Earlier this month we celebrated my dad's 80th birthday!
{Papa with some of his grandchildren}
Many of the family came, including my brother from Colorado and his son Will (on the left).
I made a chocolate cake and also this very easy fruit crisp (recipe from Lisa Leonard's blog). It was totally delish.
Faith and my mom did this fancy table setting. Faith folded the napkins in the "artichoke" pattern. My mom made a beautiful dinner with both steak and shrimp.
{me with my two brothers--it's pretty rare that we are all together for a picture}
My parents are both model retired people: staying active and busy. Things Papa has done in his 70's:
:: went back to school to earn his financial adviser certificate
:: volunteered--helping retired people with their taxes
:: stayed very active in Habitat for Humanity over a number of years
:: traveled extensively with my mother all over the world
:: is an awesome dad/grandpa to us all

Happy birthday, Papa! I hope your 80's are just as great!


Denise C. said...

Happy 80th Birthday to your Dad!

Just One More Thing said...

We just celebrated my father-in-laws 80th!! Happy Birthday to your dad and check out my handsome father-in-law on my blog. Aren't we lucky?

Its_Lily said...

What a beautiful birthday celebration. It's such a blessing that you still have both your parents with you. Happy holidays to you and yours.