Sunday, October 3, 2010

welcome autumn!

Today we had our yearly autumn tea and it was so fun and festive. There were additional teens around the table this time, so that always makes things lively. The little boys love Faith and Ben's friends. Up above is the (unbaked) Stone Fruit Tea Cake from Rustic Fruit Desserts (which I originally read about on Angry Chicken's blog). Angry Chicken had raved about this particular recipe on her blog and I've been wanting to try it for so long. Finally, this was the weekend. I ran out of nectarines so I ended up using about a nectarine and a half plus a large pear and a half. It turned out great! The crust has a wonderful firm-ish texture that I really liked and it's not overly sweet.
Here is what it looks like baked. It really is rustic, isn't it? That is exactly my taste. I love rustic and homey.
Love the leaf Dieter chose for the little flower child. It's so dry and brown!
I made spinach quiche--Faith's request.
There were these deviled eggs too. The teens made the tea and the cucumber sandwiches, which helped a lot, and they set the table.
Do you spy a silly band? Now that Dieter is in kindergarten we'll be much more affected by these silly toy crazes! Argh! On the other hand, the little boys were so cute doing chores so they could earn money for silly bands and were so very excited to get them! I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

You guys are awesome giving me so much support for my last two posts! It is so nice knowing others are having the same thoughts and challenges. My basic attitude is just to see this working mom life as a fun challenge (and really such a blessing too--to have a family that I love and work that I like very much). So in the spirit of the fun challenge I just keep going forward and try to constantly tweak things that are not working.

I had some very nice and fun moments over the weekend. Including knitting with my loved ones either sleeping or playing very nearby, watching Project Runway with Faith (we just rented season 6 on DVD), and dancing so much with Dieter, Rainer and Faith, to this song and most especially this super fun song. They are awesome dancers, the three of them!

What were your funnest moments this weekend??


Daniela B. said...

Your tea party looks awesome and so full of grace and family.I love the way you set the table, it's so nice :-)
Oh I love your blog so much!!!
Hugs from Italy

Elk said...

Thank you for your beautiful blog! It's such an inspiration to see and read about your family. I really like the flower child and am wondering where to get one?

Thank you

Samantha S said...

Your spinach quiche looks delicious, I'll need to make one of those.

Andrea said...

Lovely! My kids had never heard of silly bandz until kindergarten...their teacher gives them as prizes (she also gives candy, grr...otherwise, I adore her). Mostly they end up all over the floor and I sweep them up and throw them away.

Mary Beth said...

Hi Elke--I got it from this etsy shop:

I don't see those little wooden sprites anymore but you could convo her. She used to make them in all colors.

Erin said...

A tea party to welcome autumn? How wonderful! (and it all looks delicious...)

Elk said...

Thank you for the link! She did have a sprite and I bought one... Not good for my personal spending freeze, but hell, they are so cute! :)

Thank you.

kera said...

I checked out the Rustic Fruit Desert from the library and am pretty sure I'm going to have to purchase this book for a keeper!! Made the pandowdy and LOVED it!! I had pears and frozen blueberries on hand and the combo was YUMMY!! Thanks for the recomendation! (Linked you from my blog!!)