Monday, October 11, 2010

in the fall book basket

I've posted my fall selections before, but our book basket has grown quite a bit since last year. We had a windfall of gorgeous fall book last Christmas when my brother purchased some selections off the boys' wishlists I had started for them on Amazon. I actually had never expected anyone to see those wishlists (they are just subcategories of my own wishlist) but he found them and gave the books to the boys last year. So fun! So now I have a few more to share with you.
Woody Hazel and Little Pip. This one isn't new. We had it last year too. But the boys have grown to like it even more and the illustrations and the writing are so engaging.
Ten Apples up on Top--a fun Dr. Seuss book. This keeps the book basket light. It's silly fun.
The Little Yellow Leaf--beautifully illustrated. It's about a leaf that is afraid to fall. Sweet and cute.
Wild Child--love, love, love this one. Again, beautiful illustrations and such a fun to read text. I would love to have the others in the series (the other seasons).
Child of Faerie Child of Earth--this one has been a running joke between me and the boys since last year. It's gorgeous with very much mommy appeal. Dieter would ask me to read it one night then insist he didn't like it another. This year they both seem to like it.
Leaf Man by Lois Elhert--beautiful leaf illustrations.
Snowsong Whistling--love love love this one. Amazing collage type illustrations and wonderful rhyming text.

It's hot in the day here, cool at night, and the leaves are just beginning to turn a little bit. Typical fall for our location. I enjoy all the bits of fall here we get.


Sarah said...

Wild Child is a big fav of mine. How fun, enjoy!

likeschocolate said...

Ten apples on top happens to be one of our favorites.

Karen said...

In Germany it is cool in the day and cold at night... Colorful leaves, heaps of chestnuts and hazelnuts, the children are busy collecting everything for our nature table.
I would love to have some hot tea and spend some time with your fall book basket!!! But since I can't travel to the USA for just an afternoon I will look what I can add to our basket ;-))

Greetings from Germany,

Karen said...

PS: Our favourite fall book is:

Frederick by Leo Lionni

I am sure you would like it!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Wild Child as well, it also reminds me of an Enya song that I like of the same name, I think. I am going to check out a couple of the others! Your little shawl looks lovley. I am a terrible knitter, I like immediate gratification and knitting for days, or weeks, or months just doesnt do it for me but I do love knitted pieces.

kera said...

my youngest and i stumbled upon wild child last year at our library and fell in LOVE! i thought it would be perfect because she is my wild child but when we opened the cover and started reading we found it to be about the changing of seasons and i loved it all the more! where did you get that wooden colorful puzzle thing?

kate said...

woody hazel and little pip is a new fave around here. thanks for the suggestions.

one of our favorites is Pumpkin Moonshine by Tasha Tudor. great fun!

Mary Beth said...

Karen--oh my goodness, fall in Germany sounds just amazing! We hope to make it to Germany some day with the little boys . . . Would love to have you drop by for tea and books!

Kera--the octagon puzzle is from The Wooden Wagon. There are two sizes--ours is the large one. Love this toy! Rainer didn't like it at first (a year ago) but is really getting into it now.

Kate--yes! Pumpkin Moonshine is in there too. It's grouped with our Halloween books, which I think I might do a separate post about. Love it!

Sara said...

Thank you for sharing these books. We love Woody, Hazel, and Little Pip, but many of the other titles were new to us and now we have some new holds placed at our local library!

Denise C. said...

My kids (4 & 2) are very "hard" on their books & sadly we have lost many. It breaks my heart, I am such a huge book lover. I love that you have book baskets for the different seasons, I am pondering starting that in my home, I'd just have to keep the books from getting hurt. :)

Once Upon A Parent said...

Oh I am so glad to see leaf man on that list. We just got that from the library and I fell in love with it. The very next day one of my guys made two amazing little leaf men that are hanging on our wall. I just love them.

Andrea said...

These look lovely...I'll have to see if the library has any of them. We have the summer book in the Lynne Ploudre series (Summer's Vacation) and just love it.

Adelaide's Mom said...

Thank you for listing these. I always request your listing. We fell in love with Noisy Village b/c of your blog and now have it on my amazon wishlist. Thank you.

Cheers - Rika in Utah

aly in va said...

lovely how I love Autumn themed books.