Sunday, September 26, 2010

a list of 50 things I like

I've been working on a list of things I like--just jotting down things as they come to me. I think it's fun to see what others think of as their "go to" products and entertainments and just stuff they like. Here are some of mine.

1. Prints in general--art prints like the one I just bought. I'm so enchanted with decorating in this way. Beautiful real life print inspiration here.
2. Harvest Whole Wheat Bread (from Trader Joe's). Store bought bread is a necessity in our family, but it's so hard to find one that isn't either unappealingly soft and flabby or discouragingly dry and dense. This one is not only a satisfying medium texture but has such a nice flavor, too--it slightly tastes of honey.
3. Mason jars. So homey and comforting in all their forms. Jar inspiration here.
4. My Little Otsu planner, which has been working so well for me this year.
5. The Habit. Better than In-n-Out, I swear, but much less crowded.
6. Planet Box. So sensible and convenient.
7. Cooking dried beans from scratch. I feel like such an earth goddess when I do this. Highly recommended if you haven't tried it yet. Put in an inch of kombu for enhanced flavor.
8. My canning funnel. It comes in handy for so many things throughout the year besides canning.
9. Fly Lady. More about that this week.
10. Making log cabin squares. So fun to put together and such a great way to use up some scraps. I love combining the fabrics.
11. Overtired and Cranky bubblebath. It smells SO good. I'd buy it even if I didn't have little ones. It has a good safety rating, too.
12. This American Life. Love to listen to it on my commute.
13. Envirosax. Mine are still going strong and I think the roll-up style of bags is the most convenient of the reusable bag types (as opposed to the scrunch style).
14. Mollie Katzen. She just seems so down to earth in her cookbook style. We have The Moosewood Cookbook and several of her children's cookbooks.
15. Amazon. I just love the convenience of it and the basic concept.
16. Netflix. Ditto the above.
17. I Capture the Castle. The book, not the movie. I love its main character, Cassandra Mortman, and the early scenes in the castle--the the summer solstice scene too.
18. Radiolab. Such a wonderful podcast about science.
19. Green smoothies.
20. The smell of rain.
21. The mail. I still love it in its snail form.
22. Walking.
23. Making lists.
24. Lemon zest drink.
25. Giving jars of homemade jam at Christmastime.
26. Homegrown food.
27. Soup for lunch.
28. Postcrossing.
29. Handmade quilts.
30. Coffee.
31. Stargirl. The first book, not the sequel.
32. Making things.
33. Ikea.
34. Sweet-savory combos.
35. The Secret of Roan Innish.
36. Morning light filtering in through the windows.
37. Mark Bittman.
38. Cinnamon Altoids--in both the gum and mint form.
39. Lisa Leonard's blog. I love her positive outlook and her love of simple pleasures. She is super inspiring.
40. And her jewelery.
41. Angry Chicken. For all her creativity and her original style.
42. Blogging.
43. Nigella Feast. I own many of her cookbooks. This one is beautiful, with a great style of photography, and even though the cookbook is about feasts, she includes tons of food for everyday "feasts" as well.
44. Apples for Jam. I love her emphasis on everyday cooking for the family. The photos are amazing too.
45. Love Actually. We watch this every year on New Year's Eve.
46. "Sugar" lip balm. My absolute favorite, and I am really picky about lipbalms. I love the lemony scent.
47. The Genius Playlist feature on my i-pod. I use this all the time and I'm never disappointed.
48. My Grey's Anatomy soundtrack. So many great songs on here.
49. Trader Joe's.
50. Flair pens.

That's my current list. What's on yours?


Sarah said...

What a great list. I would have many similar things including the Greys Anatomy soundtracks. Love them.

Re-re said...

Nice list!

I'm ALL about the log cabin squares lately!

Its_Lily said...

My number one favorite kitchen item of late is the scale. How did I EVER live without one? I use it all the time.

Maiz said...

We have a lot of things in common on our "likes" lists! Thanks for sharing yours. Now I want to go get "Apples for Jam!"

kg said...

I Capture The Castle is amazing!

I'm all about coffee and cardigans right now.

Denise C. said...

I'll try & keep this short! :)

I like:

1. Running. Actually I LOVE running. I'm in my 10th month of doing it.

2. Baking yummy cranberry & white chocolate chip scones. They are a huge hit in my family! YUM.

3. How clean & fresh the air smells after a good rain.

4. I like Diet Coke, though I really need to give them up.

5. I like that the shows I watch on t.v. are new, & I can watch them for free online.

6. I like, ok love, fruit crisps & cobblers. YUM.

7. I like purging. We just hit the one year anniversary in our house & I went on a huge purging spree. I had a huge load go to our local thrift store. Anything in our house, we must love & use it in some way.

8. My Kitchen Aid stand mixer,Kitchen Aid food processor, & my All-Clad pots.

9. Homemade lattes. YUM.

Do you see a pattern here? I am all about food! :)

Sara said...

Thank you for mentioning the Little Otsu planner. I've been looking for a better planner, as I'm almost to the end of a small notebook I carry around with me. This one looks like just what I need! I'm going to order one right now.

Rain said...

Trader Joes makes my list too!
pumpkin spice lattes
bookstores-esp. on a rainy fall day
squash with butter, salt & pepper
moleskin notebooks
striped socks
cable tights
vintage dishes
just bathed children
my c.s.a.
sushi w/ my husband
and my latest favorite- Lindt dark chocolate w/ a touch of sea salt-yum!

Charmaine said...

Great list! It's spring here in Sydney, Australia and I'm loving the balmy weather, the chatty birds and the sweet scent of jasmine. Other faves are hot toast with real butter, when the house looks lovely and clean and working on crafty projects.

Sister1 said...

My family watches "Love Actually" every Christmas night. Could it be the best movie ever? We also know know a family who named their newest babe Auralia after that wonderful character in the film. At any rate--I loved this. Lists and lists of lists are high on my list.

~Heather said...

What a lovely exercise.

I've started my own list and it's already reminded me that I need to make time for these things more often (surely the dishes and laundry can wait another day).

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

maybe this will be my Wednesday post...
LOVE YOUR list...I love Mason Jars too.

Mikaela said...

Great list! We have similar favorites -flair pens, Stargirl, Overtired & Cranky bubblebath, making lists (like this one!).

kate said...

i just popped by after reading your piece on rhythm of the home. i loved it! it really felt like exactly what i needed to hear this week--so thank you!