Friday, August 13, 2010

thursday was a good day

Summer with little boys can be exhausting, but yesterday was a particularly nice and mellow day.
In the evenings we like to go outside in the back yard. I water and the boys play. On this night I decided to cut out a lot of huge sunflower stalks that had permanently fallen (they were squishing the other flowers). The boys had a grand time playing with those stalks. They pretended they were swords and umbrellas and carried them around and helped me plonk them into the garden recycle. They had a total blast. Being outdoors is such a good thing and I have to constantly remind myself of that, being such a homebody as I am.
I picked a bouquet as they played. I'm loving this vintage vase from my mom and these summer flowers.

The boys enjoyed tossing the petals as well. The lawn is rather a mess now.
We also did a little yard walk to check out our peaches. Almost ready!
We sampled one--it was super fuzzy! Earlier in the day my mom came over. I invited her to help me clean my pantry:
{pantry before}
My pantry is in the one super-dark area of the house. Here is the messy before photo.
{pantry, after}
We took out everything, wiped down all the shelves, swept the bottom, and threw out any old foods that were never going to be eaten. It looks much better, huh? Now I'm inspired to make granola (all the ingredients are lined up and labeled). It's amazing to me how much even a basic pantry contains. I'd love to pare it down even more in the future if possible.
After the pantry clean-out my mom even took us out to lunch. It was very sweet and fun. A good day all around.
{Faith and Gam}
{my lunch}


Gift of Green said...

Gosh. Aren't Moms GREAT! :) They really know how to tackle a project without getting sidetracked...and lunch to boot? What a treat!

Amy said...

Just looking at your pantry made me think you might add those little pop and stick lights (LCD) in the ceiling. They would add some extra light when needed it and not require any wiring. Harbor Freight..Walmart type stores carry them.
I also wanted to add.. if you haven't made the marble run purchase yet I was able to find the Quadrilla set that usually retails for 150 on the NY Met store web page. With discount coupon for $78 total no s&h. I was blown away. Put away for Christmas for my girls. Hope it's still available.
Best- Amy

Luisa said...

Your boys look like they had an absolutely great day. What a way to spend a summer day :)
The pantry looks great what a releif.

Denise C. said...

Your lunch...YUM!

I am smitten with pantries. I just love them. I love how organized yours is, especially with the jars. Very clean & simple.

Your boys are just adorable. The sunflower is my favorite flower, it's such a happy flower. :)

Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

My two little ones like play with the sunflower stalks too! It is wonderful to see what children create with simple "toys", isn't it?! I alway save one or two sunflower heads for next summers seeds. This summer marks the 8th generation of sunflowers!
Oh, and very jealous about your mom coming over to clean! Does she travel to NC?

momma rae said...

yay for moms!! your pantry is stunning. wish i had a space like that. cleaning and purging feels so nice. i am in the midst of a bit of that myself. ;)

tjoyy said...

I just love the look of the place mats you are sharing your meal off