Tuesday, August 10, 2010

pottery class

Dieter has been attending his first "class" this summer--pottery (in a lady's house. We heard of her through word of mouth). Ken usually takes him, but I'll be taking him this morning. I thought I'd share some of his work with you here. What has impressed me is that Ken says the teacher is really low key and "process" oriented. So whatever the child is working on is okay. There is no pressure to have it come out like a what we would think of as a traditional pot. I love that. I'm all about enjoying the process.

Here are Dieter's first two pieces. We decided that one looks like a volcano and the other like an egg cup. One morning Dieter was very enthusiastic to have me use the egg cup for my morning egg. It worked perfectly, as you can see from the top photos! After he saw that a bit of yolk was going to drip down onto the cup he was far less enthusiastic though (and I have not been treated to the privilege again, sadly).

Wish me luck this morning because I'll be taking BOTH boys to pottery class by myself. I hope Rainer does okay.


Andrea said...

Fun! Nice work. Good to know there are people out there letting kids enjoy themselves and not make everything perfect.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great class, creating brings so much joy to my children, your boy must be so proud of himself.

Melissa said...

Those are adorable. Hope they both had fun at the class this morning.

Joy said...

What a fun time for him! I did pottery for many years, and I'd love to introduce Finn to something like that. Dieter's projects are wonderful!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Oh, I love love love it! My Lala just finished a summer pottery class (Once a week, through the city, for 8+ weeks. I think it cost $18 for the entire class!) She became known as the "bowl girl." I wish I had thought to ask her to make some egg cups!