Monday, August 2, 2010

favorite smells of summer

For some reason, I've been really enjoying smelling things this summer--even more so than usual. Some of my favorites:
:: tomato plant leaves
:: mulch
:: the smell of the concrete when it first gets wet with rain or sprinklers
:: wood chips on the ground at the park
:: the tops of the boys' heads
:: summer fruit on the tree, especially plums
:: spicy zucchini bread, baking
:: sugar--for jam making
:: tea tree oil
:: the inside pages of books

Care to play along? What are you enjoying smelling this summer??


Denise C. said...

*The air after a good rain. It always smells clean & fresh.
*Anything cooked, or smoked on our grill.
*Water, either my kid's water table, the water fountains, or pool.

Andrea said...

I LOVE the smell of home grown tomatoes...the best. Some other favorites I've noticed lately:
-Sweet fern growing near the parking lot.
-Juniper bushes in the sun on a mountain in Acadia (smelled like gin & tonic!)
-Blackberry crisp in the oven.

Anonymous said...

I love this post!
Makes me think of everything I like the smells of.
Hope your having a great week. =)

Oona Nicholas

Once Upon A Parent said...

Those are some great smells! Ah summer!

liz said...

Oooh, good choices!

I love:
*fresh cut grass
*fresh carrots

Laura said...

* the beach
* my kids after they've been in the kiddie pool
* clean crisp cotton sheets
* fresh basil
* summer rain
* zucchini on the grill

muffinmoon said...

Lovely post, Mary Beth!
For me the SUmmer smells are:
*berries and ripe melons at breakfast
*basil from the garden
*Summer rainshowers
* Fish and Chips and salty air on the beach - a heady mixture
* my sun-kissed boy
*Scented stocks
Could you post the zucchini bread recipe or tell me where it cme from, should you get time, please! We are over run with courgettes here!

Joy said...

Mmm...I can smell those already! I like the smell of veggies grilling, definitely home grown tomatoes, blueberry jam cooking, the end of an afternoon rain and the fresh cut grass.

lisa said...

my kids. every bit of them. especially now that I am once again reminded of how fragile life is. (Once again they have found a tumor in Luna's little brain, she's my best friend's three year old. She starts another round of chemotherapy this week. And here we all thought she was finally cancer free. She was. For about 5 months. If you believe, please pray for her. I know you can relate).

Rain said...

the smells of my summer-
*peaches ripening to perfection in my kitchen
*sawdust (my husband is making some renovations)
*tomato plants
*the smell of warm dirt after a good watering
soon I'll be smelling the ocean-one of my FAVORITE smells of all time.
I'd love your zucchini bread recipe too.