Tuesday, July 27, 2010

some more photos from the trip

I am back and so happy to be with my little family again! Faith is still in Boston for the Boston University "summer challenge" program. She is taking classes in mass communications and creative writing and says both classes are really interesting. This is giving her a chance to get a taste of college life before the real thing. I think it's great but it was hard to leave her there in that lonely dorm room, knowing no one! She'll be back in two weeks.
We loved our trip but I am so happy to be home too. I am a true homebody, that is for sure. To tell you the truth, I hadn't been on a plane in 11 years before this. How wild is that???? The Northeast is beautiful and I hope to go back soon, but the trip also made me thankful for where I live. In the car between Maine and Boston, Faith and I made a list of our very favorite local businesses and favorite spots right here at home, and it turned out to be an awesome list. (Listmaking on car trips is fun. We also listed favorite movies).

I'm taking a couple more days to get settled, then hopefully will be back to regular posting. Thanks for all your nice comments about the trip and Faith's photos. Next time I'll let you know earlier about any trips, in case of bloggy meet-up possibilities!


Bec said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying your blog for a few months now, from faraway in Tasmania Australia! Love your pics and your trip makes me yearn for our summertime.

Rain said...

Love your photos of the trip. I live in the Northeast (NY) and still haven't been to Maine yet, though I've always wanted to visit. I'm originally from your neck of the woods though (so. cal.) and miss it sometimes but I think I'm officially a Northeastener at heart. I'm glad you had a lovely trip. I love experiencing new things but I'm def. a homebody too.

Andrea said...

Sounds like you had a great time...and I think I spy our favorite place to eat out one the rare occassions we go to Portland en famille. And the monsterella sandwich at 158 is to die for.

Gift of Green said...

Beautiful! Your photos make me "Wish I Was There!"

karen said...

hi, thanks for entering the give away on my blog, wishing you good luck:)
I wont be selling toys as the tools i used to make them were borrowed but im flattered that you asked!
Beautiful holiday pictures, looks like a nice place to visit