Tuesday, June 1, 2010

summer list 2010

I'm starting to think about my list of summer want-to-do's. School ends super early this year (for us) because of the furlough days--June 11th. I want to make the most of this extra time. I've been sort of casually putting my list together. Here's what I have in mind so far:
:: implement Flylady's system for cleaning and whip the house into shape.
:: catch up with my Shutterfly photo albums (and keep up with them hereafter). I'm two years behind (shameful, I know)!
:: figure out how to make a blog book. The blog is over 3 years old and I don't have a hard copy yet.
:: establish a bedtime routine for the boys.
:: be productive in my sewing. I have in mind a quilt and clothing summer.
:: learn to make 4 "raw" recipes (this one and this one (scroll down a bit) to start).
:: try camping
:: go outside more (because my natural inclination is to be a homebody)
:: go to the Wednesday night concerts in the park
:: get "going" in the mornings (e.g. resist my natural inclination to drink coffee in my jammies because it's summer)
:: learn to use the camera on "manual"--even if just a little bit!
:: do more crafts with the boys--mostly just winging it, making stuff from tape and cardboard boxes is the sort of thing I have in mind
:: use all our produce from the garden and make lots of jam
:: make "potions"--starting with this

That's all I have so far. How about you? What's on your list?


jlbee said...

i am inspired by your list. do let me know if you figure out the blog book thing. i have a personal blog that is nearly 10 years old and not printed. i'm so anti-paper, but since my daughter was born (and pregnancy) would be nice to have printed and bound for her... not to mention paintcutpaste.com. ack! i have some work to do!
i used to make "potions" all the time... i had a small biz selling natural bath products in nyc and in boulder in another former version of my life. a new one i've not tried but vow to this summer is a body scrub similar to the one you linked to -- this one is sea salt, coconut oil, fresh mint, and lemon zest! yum!

Family of 4.... said...

Mary Beth, if you could post the link to Flylady's cleaning, if you have it. Also, when you figure out how to make a blog book.

Sounds like a nice summer list. :-)


Silvia said...

I'm a teacher like you (in Italy) and it's funny for me to notice that I'm not the only person who makes summer lists! :))
And also my blog is 3 years old (tomorrow) and in the last days I was wondering about make a blog book with blurb.com. But it's not an easy project. If you want I can give you some info (when I'll realize it).

And... thank you! Because you inspire me so much everyday!

nocton4 said...

great list, I made one for May, only afew things but went well, apart from making yoghurt, which I did do 3 times but failed on each one !
good luck with your list and enjoy the summer xx

Me? A Mom? said...

Yes, keep us posted on the blog book progress. I want to do one as well...it's been four years this month for me.

This summer I want to knock out a few important quilts but I'm not sure where I'm going to find the time. :(

Joy said...

Sounds like a wonderful list! My list contains helping Elizabeth learn to cook a bit more and can more local foods for the fall/winter.

Kristen said...

oh my gosh, I cannot get going in the morning. I love to sit around drinking coffee and catching up on the news. I gave up planning morning activities for us. We usually only get out after lunch. I think taking a shower and getting dresses as soon as I wake up makes a big difference though. Sounds like you will have a great summer.

Mary Beth said...

Molly--I went back and put in that link to Flylady's site but honestly I find it overwhelming. Nonetheless, I know a lot of bloggers have used her system or at least found inspiration from it. I checked her book out from the library and that was much better for me. I'm on the list for it again because I didn't get a chance to finish it.

Andrea said...

I always love your lists...my Snapfish photo albums are more than two years behind too...and every day gets worse. Aaagh!

melissa s. said...

I've been thinking of starting up flylady (again). Let's be flybuddies!

Jessie said...

Hmn. I've never heard of a blog book. What a interesting idea. It must be the day for goal setting, cause I'm on the same page. Jam is also on my list :)

tracy said...

Love that calendar...where did you get it?

Jonah Lisa said...

Your list looks similar to mine.

Visit Sewtakeahike.typepad for a very cool easy Quilt as you go project. I just started mine. I KNOW you have the scraps for this!

And google Letterboxing. A very cool outdoor adventure hobby that combines hiking, stamp collecting, riddles, treasure hunting. It's my secret plan to get this homebody out the door with the kids more this summer.

dutchgirl (Ellen) said...

I'm still working on my list.. but "eat as many popsicles as possible" is at the very top!

tawnya said...

I do a blog book every year and use blurb.com. Super easy, with a little tweaking. LOVE the results.

Lina said...

A great list Mary Beth. My to do list is more of a family wish list really. You know, camp, go to the beach, catch fire flies that kind of thing. I'm keeping my expectations of any productivity very low indeed!

Lina said...

PS, I remember someone (soulemama perhpas) doing a blog book through blurb. It is an excellent idea.

Redbeet Mama said...

Yes, the manual setting on my camera should be on my list too - thanks for reminding me.

Namaste, Nicole

Family of 4.... said...

Thanks Mary Beth, I will check out the library book, I'd much prefer to have that, I think. I went to her site and it WAS a bit overwhelming.


Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Fabulous list. Seems like you are doing a fabulous job with balance and organization!

Lia said...

I've been wanting to create a book too. I did a little research and found this link from Blurb.com. Hope you find it helpful