Thursday, May 6, 2010

random thoughts on may

Sorry for the little unannounced blog break. May has been kicking my butt so far! I've been a little tired, a little stressed, and a lot busy at work. And Rainer has been sick this week as well! I'm hoping to rest a bit this weekend, pull myself together, clean up around the house, cook something healthy, and get fired up for the last 6 weeks of school. I'm desperately missing my blender and the green smoothies! Just when I was starting to feel all healthy and energetic they abruptly ended when my blender broke (no luck fixing it so far). Also on my mind-- I really must start exercising and when I get my May happiness resolutions together, that will be at the top of the list. How is May treating you?


Widge said...

hmmmmm I need to start exercising too.
I'm loving your calendar. so sweet!

Denise C. said...

So far May has been going well my way. We have 8 birthdays within our entire family this month. I also have a "hard day" I have to deal with. Always hard on me, but my two kids and husband help me get through it.

I've been increasing my running and have dropped almost 19 pounds. Eating healthier and smaller portions have helped as well.

The weather here has been fabulous, and I am on one of my famous cleaning/purging sweeps. My husband jokes that we're going to have nothing left in the house!

I can't wait to see your resolutions for your May happiness project....speaking of which, I should map some new ones out myself!

Have a wonderful weekend, and Mother's Day! :)

Joy said...

My May sounds pretty similar to yours. I had a cold last week then traveled over the weekend (so now I'm behind on laundry too) and my blender was backordered so still no green smoothies here either. Oh, and I have to work all weekend over Mother's Day. Hmph. I've been in a pretty good mood about it all though so apparently taking things as they come and just trying to be mindful with the kids is working a little bit. ;)

Rain said...

Sorry to hear that May hasn't been so kind to you. My May has been flying by with too many appointments and the kind of busyness I don't like.
My husband is a high school history teacher so the stress is on for him as well-he has 7 more weeks.
Plus he is supervising junior prom this year in just a week and I am his date. I still don't have the right shoes and I'm feeling very nervous about it all.
Happy Mother's Day!!!

Kelly and Kelly said...

May seems to be crazy every year, it is for us too. I hope it settles down some for you.

Carrie said...

Have a very nice weekend Mary Beth. And Happy Mother's Day!

pilgrimama said...

Sorry to hear about your week and your blender breaking-that's challenging!
We like Nature's Sunshine Clorophyll squirted in our water bottles as a quick boost... Be well!

Karen said...

Hi - Hope you feel more balanced soon. When our blender broke, we switched to the Cuisinart. As long as you press down on the lid (so the liquid doesn't squirt out the sides) it works well enough for smoothies!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I have high hopes for May, even if it did start out with cold and snow, finally feeling that spring is really on its way! Wishing you bright and happy days!

victoria said...

May is good! I've been a little slow on the uptake too, but happy nonetheless.
Your blog is quite lovely, I've enjoyed checking it out!

bloomingheather said...

I love your little calendar. Is it a letterpress design you made yourself? Hope the rest of your summer went well. May is one of those transition times that can be so difficult.

I found you through Rhythm of the Home and I love your blog.

Write more about "Making Your House a Home" -- I love that topic.

Mary Beth said...

Hi Bloomingheather! So nice of you to click through from ROTH. I'm really glad you enjoyed my article! The little calendar is from etsy from the "Ilee" shop:

You are right about May being a transition time. I let my stress get the best of me and everything else just slid. The summer was restful and wonderful, though.

giu said...

Hy Mary Beth. I really like your blog.
My may is similar to yours. I'm always so tired during this month! I'm a teacher and this is always a stressful period in the school.
(I'm sorry for my mistakes but I'm Italian)

giu said...

Oh oh. It was a last yesr post! As you can see, I'm very, very tired :-(