Monday, May 24, 2010

more good mail

Nicole of Deliajude hosted a giveaway a couple weeks ago, and I am the lucky winner! Look at how cute she packaged everything. This little parcel was a delight to open.
She included a stack of vintage flashcards. They are delightful and I'm sure they'll be making their way into some sort of project in my future.
And here is the main prize--a butterfly garland. It really brightens up the mantle, don't you think? Thanks Nicole--I love it!

Thanks to everyone who commented on their iced tea preferences. I loved all your wonderful ideas and will be trying many of them! Definitely scroll through those comments if you are so inclined and want to be inspired by people's iced tea stories and suggestions.


nicole said...

you are most welcome. enjoy.

melissa s. said...

oh my, that butterfly garland is adorable. I have some of that fabric...may have to borrow the idea!

Erin said...

Mary Beth-
Have you seen this blog: I found it and thought of you instantly. I've already bookmarked a ton of her recipes!

Mary Beth said...

Erin--thank you so much! I bookmarked it immediately. Can't wait to go through it slowly.

Erin said...

Mary Beth- I made the banana bread recipe and it was super yummy in cupcake size, but not so great as a loaf. I'd like to make her oatmeal creme pies, but I can't seem to find muscavodo sugar (I'm in Montana).

Mary Beth said...

Erin--I'm not sure how technical you are wanting to be with the specific ingredients, but they have an organic brown sugar at Trader Joe's that is very dark and looks like muscovado. Do you have a Trader Joe's? If not, I think any organic dark brown sugar would do. Good luck!