Monday, May 3, 2010

homemade corn tortillas

Some of you were asking about how I do the homemade tortillas, so just for fun I put together a little "tutorial" (not that you need one--they are super easy!) These are little corn tortillas--just right for slathering with butter or scooping up some homemade beans. These aren't big enough for making burritos--for that maybe try making flour tortillas (which I have never tried, but I saw a post about it here--they look really good).
First of all, just to back up a little bit--here are some homemade beans thawing. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying homemade beans and it makes me so pleased to open the freezer and see jars of them, waiting to be defrosted. Start thawing these a bit earlier in the day. When they are thawed enough to dump out of the jar, put them into a pot and gently re-warm them.
Now for making the tortillas. I buy "masa" at the regular supermarket. It's a corn flour with lime in it and is really easy to work with. The recipe for corn tortillas is on the back. I cut it out and taped it to my canister. I like that proportions are listed for making 4, 8, or 16 tortillas. This time I made 8. The only ingredients are masa, water, and a bit of salt.
When you mix those together you get this dough.
Form the dough evenly into 8 balls and cover with a damp cloth to keep them moist while you are working.
You will need a tortilla press. I bought mine locally at a store with a kitchen section--it was easy to find. Line the tortilla press with 2 sheets of parchment or waxed paper. Place the ball of dough between the sheets of parchment, close the press, and push down on the handle. A child can do this--it's easy and very fun. Then peel back both layers carefully.
Toast your tortilla on both sides in a hot dry skillet. It takes a couple minutes, so it helps to have 2 skillets going. As you finish each one, keep them warm in the oven set on low (place them in a stack with towels above and below).


Denise C. said...

Yum! I may have to go get a tortilla press and make these! I love cooking from scratch, and know this is something my kids would love to help with!

Btw, I made your recipe for the Mexican rice the other day, it was phenomenal! Thanks!

Irina said...

Thanks, my tortilla press just arrived from amazon a few days ago.

Joy said...

Ooh, they look delicious! I'll bet my older kids could do that on their own too. I have to look into a tortilla press. :) Thanks, Mary Beth!

Andria said...

We have the same press and love it! So easy and fun for the kids. Try rubbing the corn tortillas hot off the griddle with a sliced lime and sprinkling with a bit of salt. That was a little tip from a Honduran friend and has become a favorite snack in our home!

kristen said...

thank you so much for this! i've been tucking $ aside to buy my press. i can't WAIT!

Ashley Ann said...

Those look so good!

We're more flour tortilla lovers around here, but I love corn in my enchiladas. I'll definitely be trying it (although I might use my rolling pin instead of a press!).

I also wanted to let you know that your black bean soup has become a delicious staple around here. Thanks for sharing!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Oh my goodness! This is so funny. I just posted a couple photos of making homemade tortillas and my blogging friend asked me to post more about it since she can't buy them where she is. I am headed offline for a week, so I won't be posting about it until I return, so I will send her here to you!

Jars of Giggles said...

Lovely! Must try!

secret cake said...

YUM! I read how to make these in Food Network magazine and the author suggested using a large can of tomatoes to flatten the dough in place of a tortilla press.

Sidenote: Saw your earlier post on Grand Central Bakery. You would LOVE Portland. (I was born and raised there but now live in Seattle).

Check out this site when you have a moment:


Transit Antenna Home said...

Went perfect for my cinco de mayo project with my son. Thanks

Allison said...

ok, this does it. i've got to invest in a tortilla press. fresh tortillas are calling my name! yours look so good.

a view from a brown dog said...

Yum! I think I see a tortilla press in my future. I enjoy cooking from scratch for my family and these look great. Thanks for sharing.

taimarie said...

Mmm. We used to make these all the time and just made them again recently. My kids gobble them up and they really are so easy. And fun too!

taimarie said...

And now I have to try that lime and salt thing Andria mentioned. Yum!

Mandy said...

I love homemade tortillas so much. I've wanted a press for ALONG time...I roll mine out.